Trying to find a good shoujo manga is hard, so I decided to make a blog and leave a list for other shoujo lovers to look through. I’ll try to post what I’ve read and what I’m reading and leave little commentary. I also will hunt down links to where you can read it/download it for your convenience. I’m very excited to start this new project.


  • Make a short list of my all time favorite manga for starters
  • Write a summary and commentary
  • Find pictures to accompany post
  • Links (Mangahere, MAL, Bakabt)

Pending Posts:

Shorts Ongoing
– Ore Monogatari

Medium Ongoing
Bitou Lollipop
– Haji-Otsu.
– Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji*
Last Game*

Long Ongoing
Hibi Chouchou
Oboreru Knife

Shorts Completed
– The Prince’s Cactus
– Soshite, Hare ni Naru

Medium Completed
– The Flowers of Evil
– Cat Street

Long Completed
– Mars
– Hana Yori Dango

-Paradise Kiss

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