May 27, 2015

100% Perfect Girl Volumes 1-2

So I started this manga last night thinking, hey I’ll read the first volume and then do my first impressions page. LOLjk, it was 5am before I finally forced myself to put the dang thing down. By that point I had gone through 6 volumes :S i.e. THIS MANGA IS ADDICTIVE AS F. It’s like actual drugs, the second you’re hooked, it’s gg for ya. So why is this manga so addictive? The drama! There is always some form of drama happening and it’s kinda insane. I literally was thinking, “JUST LET THESE TWO BE HAPPY FOR A SECOND!”. It pulls a lot of the cliche things, but let me tell you, add those cliche aspects with an obsessively cray man and a girl trying to adapt to his life, and you get one hell of a story. Imma try to do a summary by volume (over 175 pages each)

Volume 1:

As for now, see first impressions page. I’ll update this when I do volumes 3 and 4

Volume 2:

After Jarte goes man mode on Jay, she wants nothing more to do with him, but he’s still crazily obsessively in love with her. He goes to her house to propose and she rejects him, saying she likes him, but she’s not in love with him. Poor Jarte, he just wants her to know his love for her is true. He sulks and contemplates and thinks how can he make her understand and his advisers try to give him…advice xD He decides on his own to go and ask her to be his finance and Jay thinks she should stop causing Jarte to suffer, so she accepts. Yay happy fun love time start! JK, LET THE DRAMA BEGIN!

Let me just say right now, after reading the first 6 volumes, I can totally understand how something like this is gonna happen.

Continuing on, Jay wakes up to a nightmare but she can’t remember it. Pretty sure she’s psychic because no doubt in my mind something like this is gonna happen. She gets ready for her engagement party/announcement to Jarte and meets his sister. It was a funny little scene how his sister totally found her adorable after being a biatch. They have their party, Jay finishes school and moves to Rinne with her best friend. They both attend to the art school there. All seems well and happy, until Jay realizes how busy Jarte is, and begins to feel lonely. She can’t make any friends because everyone is intimated of her and her bodyguards and she so can’t handle it. She ditches the guards and Jarte freaks out when he finds her.  She’s like WTF, CHILL OUT. And they argue of course. It’s immediately cleared up though when Jarte’s sister, who I should probably remember the name of at this point, tells Jay the story of their mother and how she was abducted and killed.


She runs into Jarte’s arms and all is well. Cute scene and the beginning of some cute calm moments but also the flag for some insane impending drama.

The two start getting closer and it’s super cute. The start sleeping in the same bed together and all is sweet and happy but really, this, plus the backstory about his dad, just will start showing how truly obsessive and crazy Jarte is gonna get.

It’s all happy cute and fun time now, but I’ll tell you right now, that’s no where near how the rest of this story is going to go. Insert Jarte saying he can wait for her, body and marriage, as long as possible….spoiler alert, shets going to go to cray for cute promises like that, puhlease! JUST WAIT

It is funny how his adviser is losing his mind that the two haven’t slept together haha. End Volume 2

I originally wanted to do all 6 volumes I read in this post, but the time limit is real right now, so I’m just going to get this out xD

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