May 27, 2015

Dengeki Daisy


Before he died, Kurebayashi Teru’s brother gave her only a cell phone, telling her to contact “Daisy” if she ever needs someone to talk to. Now, even though she lives alone and without relatives, Teru never feels lonely because Daisy is her constant confidant and supporter. In order to pay off a debt, Teru finds herself needing to work for the rude, inconsiderate, and abusive (not to mention quite handsome) school janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku. While her predicament seems on the opposite spectrum of her relationship with Daisy, maybe Teru’s two different worlds are more closely connected than she thought?

Avelys Rating: 6.5/10

Avelys Notes:  I really loved this manga. It had an amazing character dynamic between the leads and the dialogue was very funny. I also like the art and the detail with their hair. The story of him watching over her and taking her of her was very charming. I especially liked the main character. She was funny, strong, independent and didn’t take BS from nobody. Very great to read these type of shoujo heroines. My issue with the manga is probably a little more than half way through. Of course, this is just my personal distaste–doesn’t mean it’s a bad manga. I just didn’t like how it tried to be more than it was. Throwing in this forced plot and putting the romance on the side lines. I mean, it’s not bad that it did so. I just felt like it wasn’t very well done. The “dangerous” situations our MC was put in was just dramatic and over the top. She gets kidnapped every time. The unending cycle of this got annoying. It’s a shame because I thought it started off so well. Again, this is just my personal distaste. The tone changed to quickly and in an odd direction for my liking. Like the author wanted to make a meaningful story through her manga and pulling at strings.  I highly recommend if you like a strong female protagonist and good romance. Despite not liking it as much in the later half, I do admit the romance is amazing. I love those two main characters and I’m very satisfied with the manga ending.

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