June 1, 2015

100% Perfect Girl Volumes 3-4

I think it was during these two volumes I was like losing my mind at the madness that was occurring. Little did I know, it would get crazier. It’s certainly an interesting ride, even if hey are using some cliche methods.

Volume 3

Okay so remember all the happy from the end of volume 2? Ya well get rid of all those warm fuzzy feelings. This volume stars with Jay going shopping. She gets splattered by pant because kids are assholes and parents need to control them and then some douche paparazzi tries to take her pics. She’s like, “dang cant be seen like this, let me go change my clothes”. So she goes to some small shop to buy some clothes. Now i have to say, her single bodyguard is so freaking incompetent in this volume. Its some new girl since she didn’t want a bunch of em anymore. I’m sure Jay had to be missing for a while to buy and change clothes, and this harlot didn’t move. Anyway as Jay is tryna get out the backdoor, she sees this super attractive man…and a gun aimed at him. Instinctively she jumps to save him! Now now, I know you’re thinking, FREAK, DID JAY GET SHOT?! Naaa, worse, she hit’s her head and yup, gets amnesia. Goodbye happy times, hello drama. Jarte feels it instantly too. He knows some bs is going down. So, for #reasons, new sexy blonde guy, Luigi, takes Jay with him wondering who she is. Insert Jarte’s first mental breakdown. Don’t worry, there’s sooo many of those to come.

Anyway, they’re totally searching for Jay and Jarte swears hes alive, cause you know, he got that 6th sense about her and all that. They tell us who Luigi is and why he had a gun pointed at him by showing us killing someone. Fun. Amnesia Jay is freaking out and all emo so Luigi comforts her, its actually pretty cute. She’s literally a celebrity, so it’s not like it’ll be hard for them to find out who she is. You think, hey it’s cool, it’ll get handled soon. LOLNO. Okay so here it begins. Jay has the ability to attract and seduce the crazies of men and I have NO CLUE WHY! So Luigi starts feeling some connection with her. He finds out who she is and tells the guy to basically get rid of the evidence and say that he never found out who she is. In the meanwhile he’s basically withholding Jay’s memories by telling her no one is looking for her, making her even more sad. He also gives her some new name, Rae.

040Jarte is still losing it, we get told some information about Luigi’s past. Mainly about his ex lover who betrayed him i.e. a reason he doesn’t get close to people and a reason not to trust people. Gives him some validation for wanting to keep Jay with him. Quick version, he”s all in love with Jay especially because she’s so concerned with his life. He hates himself (so he says) but he continues to deceive her. Pretty dick move Luigi. I’m almost okay with it because you’re so hot though. Jay starts having vague memories of Jarte, which causes her to freak out because she really wants to regain her memories. Luigi catches her and comforts her which ends with her feeling all attached and crap to him because he says he “needs her”. Those are like her trigger words to take care people I swear. They get her with that crap every time. So they figure out where Jay is and of course they set out to get her. Luigi, the little slim dog he is, sneaks into her bed. Jay wakes up and is like DAFUQ LUIGI, and he starts like losing it on her which makes her want to hold and comfort him because she has like this familiar feeling. Actually she was just feeling her feels toward Jarte but though they were toward Luigi so she like gives in. At the same time she has the feeling like she’s doing something wrong. So the two are about to bang…while the house is being infiltrated and everyone is dying….

But wait! It gets better!

Told ya LOL. The drama is about to hit soooo freaking hard man! Jarte catches them in bed and is about to go full yan on Luigi and kill him right then and there but Jay stops him. Of course this makes Jarte feel like shit because she’s protecting some other man. Anyway, they take Jay home and figure out she has amnesia. The amnesia is making her terrified of Jarte and he is losing his utter mind from it. He can’t get near her without her freaking out. He starts freaking out even more when his sister starts to ask about things. He’s so afraid she fell in love with him because he “knows” Jay wasn’t in love with him (bro srsly, she’s been in love, she just didn’t know). He’s scared because he thinks he forced himself on her and that their bond is easily breakable.  He just gets edgier and edgier and she gets more scared to the point he stops interacting with her because it hurts him too much. So ends volume 3~

Volume 4

Volume 3 continues straight into volume 4 with the two for them taking a walk in the garden and Jay freaks out telling Jarte not to look at her all longingly and crap. The tension is super real between them for a while. jarte is trying everything. He brings back the J looking for J posters and gives her a touching speech. For a while there it seems like she’s lightening up to him until he tries to touch her. She feels guilt about Luigi and stops Jarte from touching her. He gets pissed, grabs her, it hurts her, he releases and punches the wall over her head. Yup, that fixed everything, going swimmingly now LOL. I can hear the weeding bells from here!020Luigi calls her on a phone that was hidden into her room and she rants about Jarte saying crap like how could she fall in love with that man and a bunch of rude crap. Of course, because the story devised it necessary, Jarte hears all this outside her door. He was coming to apologize and ends up almost raping her. Seriously, he pins her down and everything, it’s pretty cray. Jay takes a lamp and smacks him upside his head to get him off. She was seriously struggling and scared man. Jarte please, stop trying to attack this poor thing! She’s going to get enough of that from other men later on.

You’d think a bleeding head would stop him right? Nope, he just tells her how much she’s destroying him and how she betrayed him and continues to go on. Jay passes out (this method has never failed her LOL) causing Jarte to stop and freak out. His sister is PISSED at him, calling him scum and he agrees. As he should, because that was some scumlord shet. The shock causes Jay to remember everything but this literally creates bigger problems. Even though her memories are back, they are combining with the ones she acquired during the time she had amnesia. The two sides of Jarte are scaring her and she still can’t be near him. She feels so bad and so guilty over not remembering him and everything she put him through and she won’t even accept it as anything but her own fault. I like her sense of responsibility, but she’s honestly too hard on herself right here. 058

Jarte’s sister, who’s name I still can’t remember, decides to take Jay to Venice to get some time away. They head off and three really important things happen during this time. She meets some gambling man and helps him out, he calls her his lucky charm, something along the lines. That’s important later. Jay feels hallow and isn’t really enjoying it and realizes the reason why she’s like that is because she wants to have all these new experiences with Jarte, i.e. she’s in love with him and misses him. Finally, Luigi meets back up with her in Venice telling her he wants to take her away. She declines saying she’s in love with Jarte. This starts a whole new plot of Luigi trying to get her using some method that gets revealed later on. Anyway, they head home immediately when she realizes these feelings, but she’s still super shy around Jarte. It’s because she’s so conscious of him now. She’s avoiding the crap out of him, not even meeting his eyes. So they’re having their one year anniversary and he says some things that end up causing Jay to just burst out that she’s in love with him. The next scenes are honestly so adorable, I literally couldn’t. Jarte of course can’t believe it and she’s freaking out that she just says it like it.

Jarte goes to to talk to her after hearing she was sick (it’s honestly her blushing and losing her mind) and she ends up completely and utterly confessing to him. Like ohmegee, it’s so freaking cute!!!

While all this is happening, there is some covert plan to capture/kill Luigi by raiding some meeting he’s having (yay to the secret force’s amazing intelligence collection agency). Again, this is all relevant in the next volume.

So cute as F ending that I actually didn’t read before. Literally was missing when I read it online, so I read it as I typed this up. Squeed like a fangirl as always. Like I said, this manhwa has some cliche moments, but I feel like the way things get handled are very well (interestingly?) done haha

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