June 2, 2015



Haruna Aizawa thinks that school life is just like a monkey mountain–all the monkeys form cliques, get into fights, and get back together again. The school that she just transferred to is no exception. There’s even a boy called Macharu Yamashita who reminds her of a baby monkey!
Candy’s Score: 8.5/10
Candy’s Notes: This was a very cute and lovable shoujo. Haruna is a cool, stoic female and people think of her as a cold beauty, On the other hand we have the class clown Macharu who is basically full of life and energy, often compared to a monkey. These two make an odd couple, but they make an extremely cute couple nonetheless. They get together early on in the manga and the way they fell for each other was also adorable. Due to that, we get to watch them grow as a couple, as each tires to work on better the relationship, being more open about their feelings, etc etc, normal couple things. I loved their personalities and the dynamic between the two. Both were pretty upfront most the time, and when there was an issue, it wasn’t really dragged out. I really liked Haruna because she wasn’t the stereotypical shoujo heroine who sat around crying, she would get sad, but she would also try and think of ways to fix the situations. Both of them freely expressed the affection to. I hate it when one is waaaaay too shy to do literally anything. My only problem with this manga was Macharu’s best friend who created a bunch of unnecessary drama and I just thought he was sooo freaking shady. It’s a pretty typical plot done in a normal way, but the characters make it enjoyably. If you loved Lovely Complex, you’ll most likely love this one too. The comedy and romance are on point so don’t shy away from it because it seems liek your average shoujo manga. Is that not why we read them? FOR THE CUTE!?!?

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