June 17, 2015

100% Perfect Girl Volumes 5-6

I  figured out the pattern! One happy, and then one really dramatic! That’s how they keep you hooked. Wait no, both of these volumes are super dramatic. GG, shet is about to go crazy, and stay there for a while

Volume 5

So after the happy confession from the last volume, we pick up with these two getting pretty steamy in bed. Jarte stops himself while he still has the chance but Jay doesn’t want him to stop. He’s using as much self control as he can muster (ironic considering some scenes where he totally loses it on her when she’s not willing) and stops saying he wants to do it right i.e. after they’re married. So they make plans to get married in the morning. You know as well as I do there is no way in hell that’s about to happen without any drama, but we can bask in the cute and dream. Like literally, they already tell us nothing good is about to happen when the next freaking shot is of this dang operation to capture Luigi i.e. the thing that’s about to go ohhhh so wrong and cause SO MUCH DRAMA I CAN’T EVEN!  Just get ready, because it’s literally a crazy downhill spiral starting from this point…

Okay, let’s go. So that operation ends with basically Luigi implanting the seed of suspicion he needed, i.e. that someone was betraying them from the inside (since the plan seemed leaked). During an interrogation of one of Luigi’s men, things just get even worst. Luigi implanted the information that basically Jay was betraying Jarte so she could be with him. Pshh, who’d believe that far fetched tell right after she confessed to being in love with him. Oh wait, they have her on camera sneaking into his office and getting the details of the operation, pfft, that doesn’t mean anything, could be anyone in a mask. Oh wait, you did a scan that says it’s like 99% Jay because of the ears….w-what, that doesn’t even make sense. When would she even have had time to do that, she’s been in bed with Jarte. DON’T WORRY GUYS, JARTE WILL TRUST HER….oh fuck, LUIGI PLZ, THIS PLAN IS JUST CRUEL NOW! So yea, there’s some look a like who basically impersonated Jay and now shets going cray. Kairen, being the lil betch he is, tells Jarte about this “betrayal” and shows Jarte all this “evidence” and pretty much forces Jarte to accept it even when he keeps trying to find ways for Jay to be innocent. BUT THE CUTE WEDDING ;—–; Kairen confirmed as scumlord

Yea, this one got to him. Seeing crap like this, of course our darling Jarte loses it. Jay gets arrested by scumlord Kairen (my dislike for Kairen is so freaking real). Jay, of course, is confused off her butt, especially since no one will actually tell her what’s going on. Jarte is a sweetheart, he’s so torn over this, he has no clue what to do. He figures it’s better to be separated from her, send her home, and cut ties so she doesn’t get charged, rather than her going to prison there, so he releases her, and of course scumlord Kairen is pissed about this. When Jay get’s released, she gets contacted by the guy who set the whole thing up. Now remember this dude, because he ain’t going away anytime soon. Remember the guy she helped out gambling back when she went to Venice? Well he’s back bois, and he’s got some issues to settle, in some really messed up ways! INTRODUCING OUR CRAY CRAY VILLAIN FOR THE NEXT 4 (idk the actual number) VOLUMES, CLARENCE EWON! He’s not hot like Luigi so his presence upsets me, especially the shet he’s about to pull. ANYWAY, he tells Jay to come meet him since he can prove her innocence, however if she goes, she’ll die and only Jarte can save her, by basically believing and trusting her. DEAR SWEET BBY JEBUS, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME! Y’all already know what’s about to happen.

Now let’s all enjoy biploar Jarte losing his mind, Does he love her? Does he hate her? Will he deny her? Will he save her? HE’LL DO THEM ALL!!! Jarte legit goes from crazy to sane, from asshole to sweetheart, with the flip of a freaking swtich man, he’s legit batshit insane. Since he didn’t believe her, Jay resigns herself to going to meet Clarence. She tells Jarte about being contacted and how she’ll have to die for him to believe her. Still conflicted, he let’s her go. The second she walks out, in true princess fashion, Jay gets kidnapped and the knowledge that she’s gone snaps Jarte into some logical sense (okay maybe he was being logical before believing evidence but F dat, he should’ve instinctively believed her with how cray he is for her. Then again, he’s so cray for her, he’s terrified of being betrayed or hurt by her. Okay Jarte, I logic’d your actions in my mind, I still love you).

Now as Jarte is trying figure out what to do, Clarence contacts him and of course, starts giving some long speech about how she’s going to die, fun. Clarence ends up giving the whole background as to why he hates Jarte so mucha and why he wants to murder him.  The reason made me want to pound my head against a freaking wall. Summary, Jarte’s momma was crazy before she married his dad and was kinda loose. Yup, Clarence and Jarte are half brothers, sharing the same mom. Clarence was originally in an orphanage because of course, the unwanted child always gets hidden away (the typical cliche moments). He gets adopted by the sadist asshole who abused him. Long story short, that’s his real dad. Adding on, His real dad adopted a little girl who Clarence found precious and wanted to protect, turns out to be his half sister, codename Greta (okay real name). He threatens Clarence by saying he’ll abuse his little sister if he ever leaves. One day, his papa dies in a car accident (lil thang cut the breaks), and Clarence took over the business. That’s how him and his sister ended up meeting Jarte. First meeting, he wanted to kill him, why? His blood boiled….yea…..no real reason LOL. Anyway, Greta decides to serve as his aide on his cabinet to get close to him, and that’s pretty much the end of volume 5.

Volume 6

We are currently still in the middle of why Clarence wants to kill Jarte. Greta ended up falling in love with Jarte. Foolish foolish girl, why must you cause so many issues. She of course looses her bananas when Jarte reveals his engagement to Jay. This causes Clarence to feel oh so sad, but even more so, it starts us right back where Jay mentions it was the beginning of all their troubles. 100PerfectGirl-v06_006You remember that shooting from volume 2? Well here’s why it happened and what it caused. Greta, of course was shot and died (it makes me giggle how many interwoven issues this one scenario has), and this of course causes Clarence to want true revenge. Jarte now knowing the whole story, rushes off to save Jay. Kinda late their honey, Clarence has gone through like 4 speeches on how he;s gonna kill Jay and how it’ll affect Jarte. In typical fashion, Jay starts giving her own retorts as to why Clarence is wrong and how he needs to get his life right. This upsets dear Clarence, because who ever wants to be told they’re wrong? No one, that’s who! She also does some self reflection and how she needs to live so that Jarte doesn’t feel guilty. Honestly, these two are cute,but both of them are cray as F. Selfless and obsessed, that should be the name of this damn manhwa. Now here is the real big issue. Jay is too damn seductive I guess, because she just captured another mans heart LOL. As some dude (part of Clarence’s plans) comes to torture her and get his revenge for some ruined plan, Clarence shoots to keep the guy off of her. -insert shootout and lots of dramatic scenes of Clarence rescuing Jay- (I want everyone to remember this was his own plan….that he’s rescuing her from….k). Luigi comes in, guns a blazing, Clarence gets shot protecting Jay, and Jarte walks in on the best scene imaginable.


Yup, begin the sanity loss of Jarte part 3 plz. I really liked how they described and showed Jarte’s reaction. It was a really intense scene.


Don’t freak out though, she’s not actually dead, or what the hell would I talk about for 5 more volumes LOL. That doesn’t mean Jarte isn’t about to lose his freaking mind though. Of course, he feels like crap, cause it’s pretty much his fault for not believing her, and let me tell you, this is going to cause mad issues later on, like MAD ISSUES. Jay wakes up, but she can’t stop shaking, she’s legit traumatized. Hello issue number 1. Turns out, the shaking makes it so she can no longer paint, the one thing she wanted to do more than anything, she lost the ability to do….issue number 2, is that you? The drift is real between the two now. Jarte can’t forgive himself and can’t bear to touch her and Jay can’t forgive Jarte and is angry about losing her ability to paint. Both of them feel pathetic, ISSUE NUMBER 3, HOW I MISSED THEE.

Jay can’t trust or count or Jarte, Jarte’s going cray feeling this way, Jay legit tells Jarte that’s she’s trying her best not to hate him. Honestly, I feel like any woman in this situation would totally and completely blame Jarte and hate him for everything that came to pass, but Jay is still trying to logic it to herself. That’s something I really like about this manhwa. Forget the fairytale romance, add the drama, and throw in proper use of emotions and logic, and you get a great mix. Jay goes to see her brother in London who basically tells her she needs to get away from him before there’s nothing left of herself (relevant later). She breaks up with Jarte in a fit of rage over the phone, but then her bodyguard comes to take her home. OMG I had forgotten about this part, so this poor girl, her plane gets freaking hijacked. A gun is put point blank in her face and she see’s her bodyguard shot (they’re kinda friends or something). THIS POOR GIRL! Srsly, it’s one thing after another. Freaking Clarence set this up to lure Jarte out. Like bro, really, if you wanted to handle things, you shouldn’t have saved her last volume. Jarte wants to handle this situation calmly and not rush in head first again. He’s srsly trying to protect and make things up to her…..oh how it fails.

Clarence pretty much can’t keep his hands off Jay, even though he’s trying really hard, and this pisses him off. It only gets worse when she tells him she ended things with Jarte. Resistance is apparently futile for men around her.


He actually stops once he hears that she and Jarte have never had sex. He’s too busy laughing. I would be too, these two man OTL. Anyway, the lines throughout this part crack me up. Clarence is over here saying how he’ll give it to her rough and how she shouldn’t push him because he’s still “burning”. Like the sexual content in this manga does not play haha. His burning body is making him lose it and that makes him want to hurt her more. Like he shows her someone being shot in the head in front of her and then is confused why she won’t let him touch her. Clarence please, you have past sanity long ago honey. Just accept you want some of that fine Jay booty okay, plz?

Jarte infiltrates Clarence’s meeting looking reaaaaaaaaal good and starts taking everything down but of course, fails to kill Clarence. -insert chase to get Clarence and protect Jay-



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