June 18, 2015

Legend of Basara Volume 4

It has definitely been a while since I wrote a Basara post or even read a volume, this saddens me. Due to that, forgive me if I skip some things (they’re probably unimportant anyway). Lets jump into it. Oh okay, forgot real quick, so flag city didn’t finish in last volume. Oh, oh this is a fun volume! I have to show this pic off!! THE ART THO!!

Basara v04 c015 146-147

Volume 4

So the volcano is erupting and Sarasa calmed everyone down but now there’s ash everywhere. Give Sarasa a reason to cover her face, which ends up becoming a thing to keep her disguised. STILL EVERYONE THINKS SHE’S A BOY! Even though she’s so freaking adorable. My little ladeh is becoming harsher, she’s thinking about attacking and destroying them, she’s learning the ways of the world she lives in. Anyway, basically some walking trap comes on board and gives some information about the lovely Ageha. I mean, even though it’s clearly a trap, Sarasa is like, I gotta go save Ageha, cause you know, he’s fucking Ageha, you can’t just not go to him! At least she gets prepped. So with her trusty sidekick, Hayato, she heads out to some island that I dubbed ENDFLAG ISLAND. Now this is why Ageha is best girl

Basara v04 c013 018

So best girl drops more flags because you know, it’s what he does, ALONG WITH BEING SEXY AS F.  Sarasa get’s to ENDFLAG ISLAND where she see’s some ruins and she instinctively knows it’s about to be dangerous as F. Girl yo better trust them instincts, because they will save your life.

Ageha, my beautiful Ageha, is being treated so roughly ;——-; As expected, it’s a trap and Sarasa and Hayato get attacked. Chacha and the others get reunited with Zaki on the boat and they decide to go after Tatara. At the same time Sakura Island begins to rise from the sea because the eruptions. Lots of things happening at once. Shidou is all examining Tatara from a far, trying to figure some things out, it’s cute, but pointless. One of Shidou’s men goes in to attack her, only to get wrecked by explosives. She’s so freaking amazing. Hayato cuts Ageha down with an arrow and then they get attacked by another one of Shidou’s men. Dear bob give it up already, we need to check if Ageha landed gracefully or nah! Shidou is informed that the Kurenai was sunk and then Ageha and his freaking flags man, like seriously. Even the island is in on it now. It becomes a beacon, and by that I mean it starts an earthquake that keeps this loser from hurting Tatara, but also crushing him and causing Shidou the need to take action himself. Ageha helps out Shidou who again reminds us why he is best girl! (I swear, one day I’ll stop spamming pics of Ageha)

Basara v04 c014 053

Okay, done with Ageha (for now). So mister oh so determined goes to check on his men but he finds a cute lil Tatara and of course gets pissed and super amped to fight him. Well, this is clearly the dumbest choice he’s ever made. He’s even announcing his own death flags, like wtf man, just go home already. You dying is only going to cause drama I do not want. Of course, he doesn’t listen to Ageha’s warnings and goes in like a madman.

Because she’s a freaking little girl, she’s obviously getting overpowered in hand to hand combat, so it’s not even right. Before he finishes her off, he grabs her and notices the seeds she’s wearing. Everything is starting to make sense to him now. He pulls off her mask, said her name and, then said basically the running foundation of this manga so far.

Hayato aims his arrow, and he shoots, and bois let me tell you, the shot is good. This is kinda dragged by panels with some shet involving his wife, and signs, and all that crap that I don’t care about because like I said before, she was literally a walking flag.

Basara v04 c014 080-081

Dear sweet niblets, Shidou please, now that was just unnecessary! And that my friends, is the endflag. I mean, anyone who didn’t see this coming pays zero attention to what’s happening. At least the flags will calm the F down. Unfortunately for Shidou, we don’t have much time to stare a  his lifeless body (the panels were freaking beautiful though). The earthquake is causing the bridge to collapse so they gotta get the F outta there like yesterday. It’s coo tho, Yato, the horse (FINALLY GOT THE NAME) came and got her and Hayato on time. What’s Ageha doing? Crying and looking really sad, even after all the mess he talked, they were still friends, and he did care about him but he wanted him to understand how he felt. Even in the end, Shidou never understood.

Here’s the real sad part, Shuri finding out. This actually made me feel really sad. Shuri throws a freaking fit man. He’s hurting, and it’s pretty tragic. It’s cute what it leads to though.

Now for life lessons from Nagi – Summary, Tatara, you kill people and that responsibility is yours. The reason why it was done doesn’t matter. – Everyone is building a village, combine Suzuka villagers with the original villagers from Sarasa’s village. Shidou’s wife appears and tries to kill Tatara. I’m like, really ho, gtfo, damn walking flag. Even better, she’s pregnant and being illogical. GO Woman, JUST LEAVE!  At least it made Sarasa realize what Nagi was talking about after she had some introspection in the desert and a conversation with a scared Hayato.

YAAAAAY Shuri and Sarasa are meeting up again!  Like it’s really cute, but knowing what we know, it just feels like a bunch of tensions and inevitable amounts of drama.

It’s k honey, Sarasa will be your new confidant and she’ll make everything better. It’s cute how they have a sense of familiarity with each other,  if only they knew where it was coming from LOL. Remember douche bby Shuri from volume 1? Cause I know I do!

Anyway, they play around and Shuri asks Sarasa to leave with him. Without a proper answer, the two head back. A knight from the blue king request Tatara’s presence for an alliance, saying he knows the whereabouts of “Sieryuu” one of the 4 swords. Sarasa gives an answer that pretty much buys time for a strategy she’s thinking up. At the same time, Shuri is getting ready to go to Kanto (the Blue King’s domain) as well. he hides the fact that he’s disappearing by dressing up as a priest. It saddened me that he shaved his head. I hope it grows back soon. Shuri and Sarasa, neither knowing the other’s plan, meet up and board the ship to Kanto. What looks like a cute lovers trip is a cruel rouse for DRUAMA.

The trip starts well. The two are learning about each other and being super cute. Sarasa is enjoying the treatment Shuri gives her and she’s realizing how she’s falling for him. They’re just all around cute man. It get’s ruined however by our first flag (man I thought we escaped these for the rest of the volume).

Now we return to some more happy when they get off the ship, but that doesn’t last long at all when Shuri and Sarasa are out eating at night and find a villager strangler his child and then killing himself. Of course Sarasa tries to stop the villager, but Shuri stops her, and when they look around, they find trees full of dead bodies. The villagers are killing themselves because they have no food or anything left. They have to give everything they can muster to the Blue King for his “race” and get rid of anything with the semblance of a weapon. No tools to plow the lands and no food to survive off of, they have no reason to continue. This area is in some seriously bad shape, even though it’s so pretty and green. Total opposite of Sarasa’s area.

Basara v04 c015 177The captain of the Blue King’s guard arrives and long story short, Sarasa and Shuri get captured because the guard see’s Shuri’s slave brand. They wake up in a cage full of slaves captured and forced to participate in the “race”. That’s when one slave reveals the truth behind the race, that’s it’s simply a man-hunting race for murder and no one returns alive.


I really enjoyed this volume as I read it and the ending got me really hyped so I’m so freaking happy I can finally read more!

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