June 24, 2015

Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu – Volume 1

Finally another Josei I enjoy!!!! (they’re actually my preferred over shoujo but the amount of them translated that I haven’t seen or read seem to be sparse). So in truth, I didn’t have too many expectations for this one. Nothing was wrong with the synopsis, it’s just my track record with Joseis have been total crap lately. I’m given a totally attractive and popular man who’s into his job and I’m already freaking out. Like this is the most typical setup that has been going wrong for me. Immediately though this manga charms the F outta me with Asuka reacts to him. I was hooked from page 9


Asuka is a woman with a simple dream; to get married and become a housewife. Right there  is normally a turn off for me but Asuka isn’t a simple woman. While she’s waiting on that to happen, she’s completely devoted and loves her work in the real estate business. We start the manga with her basically meeting Nanami Ryuu, a very popular and attractive announcer who just returned to Tokyo due to a “promotion”. Here is actually were I fell in love with this manga. Upon seeing him for the first time, Asuka was impressed with his achievements, but was not all gaga eyes over how attractive he was or how successful he was, she was totally calm about the whole thing, just thinking they lived in separate worlds. She didn’t think too much about it. Not only that but she didn’t become horribly flustered or lose her mind when she fell and he caught her. It was a completely normal reaction of an adult woman and that made me SO SO SO happy. I know it’s a Josei and that’s to be expected, but like I said, I’VE HAD A BAD TRACK RECORD LATELY.

Anyway. the two of them have a completely normal conversation and with each other luck in their future endeavors. Such a simple first meeting that turns out too freaking adorable. So speed summary, Asuka’s boyfriend of 5 years dumps her because he’s an idiot and wants to become an actor, like whatever, he’s lame, she’s amazing. She doesn’t dwell on it or take it to heart i.e. there isn’t any of that crying and whining and lose mind, seek comfort in the first man around shet. She jumps straight back in the scene asking her co-worker and friend to hook her up with a goukan. I like this girl, she got her priorities right xD. Turns out her friend, Ohno, is actually roommates with Nana Ryuu and when she gets too drunk, she ends up there. Another scene that made me love this manga

Please notice the underwhelming reaction. I’m so not used to that. This happens multiple times btw, and she doesn’t react crazy any single time. Oh god, how I love joseis. Asuka ends up unexpectedly showing how much she loves her work but how she’s also good at being a housewife. She cooks for him, he’s feeling it. I totally think he fell first. They talk about how she wants to be a full-time housewife and the reasons behind it. Honestly her reasons are really sweet. She wants to build a refuge like the one she grew up in. You literally cannot fault her for that! That like touches his heart of something man because he can’t resist hugging her. The feels were planted in her!Unfortunately then he reveals he never wants to get married! And that is the plot of this precious manga. The two are officially mismatched. Why was that only chapter 1 tho!


Asuka realizes the reason she’s not depressed about the whole situation is because of Ryuu but even then she’s not crazy infatuated, she’s just grateful, and I’m just loving this manga more and more.  Asuka and her friend Rio decide to go on to a goukan. Ryuu ends up being forced by his boss (?) to go. Of course the women flock to Ryuu and Ohno finally gets to make his moves on Rio. During that time some guy starts being rude to Ryuu for like no reason and while he’s gone he goes blabbing his mouth about crap he has no right to talk about (business with this actress named Sakura who Ryuu was having an affair with). Asuka get angry, handles it, Ryuu feels touched, they have a conversation and Ryuu can’t keep his hands off her. It’s honestly adorable.

Oh hot damn, didn’t realize Ryuu was a playboy who just slept with women, well he is xD but Asuka’s words stick with him. Whilst this is happening, Asuka is out looking for potential marriage partners. It falls through but she ends up meeting Ryuu again, and can smell woman’s perfume on him. She doesn’t freak out, dang I love her. Stuff happens, Asuka and Rio end up at Ohno’s place with Ohno and Ryuu. Asuka and Ryuu end up fighting at dinner and get thrown out by Ohno. All apart of the plan to get the other two alone B-). Now that Ryuu and Asuka are alone they end up waking and talking, he compliments her saying she’s a good women and that she’s fine the way she is, something she doesn’t hear often. During this she’s starting to realize her feelings for him but also remembers how they are incompatible. She wants to get married, he doesn’t it’s a whole thing. That’s not gonna stop anything though. They end up meeting in a coffee shop because they actually live pretty close together (not that OMG WE’RE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS bs though), and Asuka is so cute, making sure to say she doesn’t want a guy she’s not dating to treat her. I feel like she’s unintentionally leading him to her and he’s just like feeling it haha.

As cute as that was, what is a romance manga without some type of person to push along the romance. INSERT RANDOM GUY WHO CONFESSES TO ASUKA. He tells her he wants to date her with marriage in mind ie.e he’s looking pretty freaking good for her right now. However, she can’t say yes immediately. What ever could it be that’s stopping her! Rio tells Asuka that she and Ohno started dating and she;s like WHAAAAT, because Ohnoo wants to get married and Rio doesn’t. This of course gives Asuka something to think about regarding Ryuu.

Ryuu does some late night narration on some little unknown show and no one seems to know it’s him doing it. After he finishes up he goes back and realizes Rio is with Ohno. He doesn’t want to cock block so he leaves the apartment. Ends up meeting Asuka who invites him over for dinner. She ends up playing a recording of one of Ryuu’s show and completes the narrator not knowing its him and of course he’s all happy about it. He then see’s her working late, because bby gurl is dedicated to her job and again, can’t keep his hands off.  She assumes he’s half asleep again and doesn’t realize who she actually is.

I love the way she wakes him out and he says that he’s not mistaken. So who fell first? Him or her? I’m not sure, but I do adore the mutual attraction between the two. Even though she realizes she likes him, she’s still really conflicted because she doesn’t want to start anything that will end in breaking up. He also realizes how she wants to get married and he doesn’t but he just wants to see her.

He ends up making up some excuse to go over to her place again and he pretty much just comes out and confesses, kinda subtly. He asks her what she would do if she fell in love with a man who didn’t want to get married. She almost confesses but she catches herself and tries to run out. She calls Rio and realizes that Ryuu lied to come over, so she’s totally confused and is wondering what it is he wants. Well honey, he wants that fabu bodeh!

That confession though. Even if she wants to get married and he doesn’t, he wants to be with her now, in the present. She accepts that and returns his feelings. It’s freaking adorable!!! She decides to try to change his way of thinking and they are so freaking cute I cannot!


Omg I’m so sorry for how long I made this post. Idk why it was even that long ;———–;. I’ll try to shorten em

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  1. Because of your summary, I decided to read this story… OH EM GEE. I agree with you completely! Having the plot center around two people’s opinions on marriage as an institution is so on point! I also like that the two are pretty honest and upfront with their opinions and feelings.

    Thank you for providing a fantastic introduction to this manga. I’m awaiting to see how the story unfolds.

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