September 24, 2015

The Pale Horse


Set in the France 1835. The pretty Rose Dupre is bullied and called the witch’s daughter. People say her mother is a witch who kills and eats humans. However, Marie and Pierre don’t believe all those rumors and decide to protect Rose… But what if the rumors are true?

Candy’s Rating: 9/10
Candy’s gasm of love: Is this a manwha or a webcomic? Idk but I know it’s so fucking beautiful like dear baby jebus save my soul. I was looking for some more horror josei and somehow I found this majestic number. Not only does it have amazing art, but it has a very interesting story. Like I was completely entranced while reading it. For the first half of it they have this mystery going, basically we’re wondering who the witch is and what this poor little girl has to do with anything. They strongly hint things throughout the story so you shouldn’t be too surprised when they reveal it. Honestly, even though you know who it is, the reveal was freaking great because they start throwing back stories and feelings at us and it’s like omg noooo. Like it hurts, shit that happens legit hurt my feelings. There were some extremely beautiful bonds that were broken and ;____; yeah.

The second half of it (of what I read) is following the hunt for the witch and this witches life. I think I actually like this part a bit more. It’s probably because there’s a lot of character interaction and reveals and generally just a really intriguing story. So we get to know characters more in depth that were introduced during the first part, learn their back stories, as well as watch the witch with her true personality. It’s honestly really great to see the changes. First half was full of suspense and mystery (my type of shet), and the second half is full of character interactions and basically, us as readers, getting really excited for the inevitable meeting.

I say second half a lot but honestly there are only 63 chapters translated (I know, it hurts me too) and the first part took about 30-40 while I think there’s over a 100 out, so there’s a lot happening here. As of now, the pacing is great, but there’s a lot of added, let’s throw this in here so we keep the inevitable from happening. Like omg just let them meet already!!! That’s basically like the biggest issue I have with this one. It keeps like forcing the direction of the main issues away to prolong things. Like okay, the last chapters, some people realize some shit and dip. As main guy is looking for em (I’m not giving names to avoid spoilers), other friend ends up in a murder case. So they paused the main story, for this strange addition that may or may not be relevant. I totally forgot to mention like one of the biggest aspects of this one, the romance! It’s so freaking cute because the way Rose acts like, omg bby plz, you’re too precious. She’s so cute but she’s just a jelly filled, extremely emotional young girl. What looks like a story of bullying and isolation is actually an adorable romance with cute friendships building….for a while. Then shit goes allllll bad, and I mean….all bad. Get over giggling happily at this boy, it goes dark real quick and it has yet to come back. Good news, its not too dark for y’all that can’t handle that type of stuff. It has a good middle ground blend. Read this story of you love amazing art, great story, interesting characters, and a bit of a darker tone.

That feel when you just find out this brilliant thing has been dropped and I have to wait for the English version to catch up. Welp, imma go crai now

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