December 2, 2015

Strobe Edge (2015)


Native title: ストロボ・エッジ
Also Known as: Strobe Edge
Country: Japan
Type: Movie
Release Date: Mar 14, 2015
Duration: 1 hr. 56 min.


Strobe Edge is a movie adaptation of the popular manga by Sakisaka, Io. If her art style and story strike you as familiar, it would be due to her other famous work: Ao Haru Ride. Both share a similarity of having the female lead look like an 8 year old (lmao). Now since this is an adaptation, I will be talking about the original source material a little. Since the movie pretty much adapts it verbatim. The only thing that I liked better from this manga (over Ao Haru ride ) was the male lead’s rival was actually perfection. Other than that, I feel the characters in Strobe Edge were a little flat (male and female leads) and the drama was a little drawn out. There were some things it did well, like portraying the struggle of falling in love while still remaining in a relationship. I felt like that was executed pretty realistically, especially when the girlfriend was not demonized, like this genre tends to do. But she was a good person and had a decent relationship with the male lead. I think that aspect was rather fresh and new.

strobeedge03Now, onto the actual movie. Despite having a somewhat shaky source material, which could be blamed for the movie’s shortcomings, I thought it was a well done adaptation. The cinematography and music was consistently beautiful, making it such a relaxing watch. It almost made me not think too much about how boring the characters were. The music consisted of very slow, atmospheric music. As for the direction, I think it did the best it could to make the movie engaging.

The characters consist of the female lead, Nanako; the male lead, Ren; and the second male lead/rival, Andou. Nanako is the typical shoujo female lead who falls in love with Ren, who is in a relationship. Of course, this won’t keep our main character down as she is determined to make sure her crush notices her. As the movie goes on, we see how the leads fall in love. Ren, although being quite handsome, is one of the most boring male leads I’ve ever seen. He is indecisive and torn between two women in his life. He’s the typical bishie who places more importance on duty than anything, even if it involves sacrificing himself. It’s really frustrating seeing someone hold back so much, but it was explained why he’s like this. Not that it really change my opinion of him but at least he tried to change. Thumbs up for trying.

strobeedge04Last but certainly not least, we have gorgeous Andou-kun. Hands down the best thing out of the movie AND manga. One thing I love about works that involve love triangles is when they introduce such a fantastic rival, that you’re rooting for him instead of the male lead. He’s excellent in every way, and even the relationship with him and Nanako feels more heart-warming than the main couple. The best done triangles in my opinion, make you want to root for both males. If you’re only rooting for one, either the male lead is flat—or the rival is the worst thing ever, it’s doing it wrong. Which I felt was the issue with this work (and Ao Haru Ride for the second reason). Andou-kun was adorable and seeing him be amazing in action made me fall in love with him more than in the manga.

strobeedge05Both male leads are bishie galore so regardless if you like the story or not, I’d recommend this movie if you’re just looking for a cute shoujo movie. Even if you’re not a fan of the story, or you haven’t read the manga, I think you might enjoy it. Just for the atmosphere. I was in the mood for a cute romance and it really satiated my craving. It’s not the best shoujo movie adaptation out there nor is the best romantic movie, but it’s cute. If you’re not a fan of the manga, which I know many are not (lol), I think it adapted the best parts well. Although if you’re still salty about Andou-kun… it’s just going to prolong your misery.

Avelys Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. TRASH @ the drama, not the review

  2. It’s cute, I promise :’)

  3. I actually liked the manga… sorry for disappointing you, Brandi. I agree that both male leads are great eye candy in the movie! I think the actor who portrayed Andou-kun did a really good job. Ren was kind of flat and boring, but he was still nice to look at, lol

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