Six Half Ch 27

Long overdue but here we go, another chapter of Six Half! Things have gotten pretty intense these past few chapters with Kai. I’m glad they are where they are now. I really miss his hair being down, though. He looked like the angsty shoujo male leads that made me fall in love with this genre :’) <3  There’s this one pesky character that I hope can get removed immediately from the premises. This character has been annoying me for so long now, I’m pretty sure they have some actual psychological issues. She needs to see a professional instead of being self-destructive and causing drama. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised some characters are like this since it’s Iketani. My queen, why you make me suffer? ;_; I do understand the paranoia of this character, which makes me wonder what kind of shit she has seen!  Maybe a clue in the past??? Anyways, hope you enjoy this release!


Six Half Ch 27:
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