December 24, 2018

Christmas Oneshot Special

Hey guys! We hope you have wonderful holidays. Most of us are finally free from school so we wanted to give you a special treat this holiday season. Please enjoy this short but sweet oneshot that we work on with our friends from Atelier du Noir. You guys are amazing, I love you.

Update on our series, we are still alive! We’ve received your messages asking for updates and we hear you. Thankfully this winter break will help with staff availability. Let us know which series you really want us to prioritize in the comments below. I will respond with any updates you are inquiring about. No new series recommendation, we are at maximum capacity.

Happy holidays!

Awayuki Oneshot by Ada Oda
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  1. Thank uou for the oneshoy, it was a nice read!!!
    I really would love to see an update on Six Half (I love it so much and would love to see more developments between the characters) so I’m “voting” on that haha.
    Merry Christmas/happy holidays!!

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