June 18, 2015

Legend of Basara Volume 4

It has definitely been a while since I wrote a Basara post or even read a volume, this saddens me. Due to that, forgive me if I skip some things (they’re probably unimportant anyway). Lets jump into it. Oh okay, forgot real quick, so flag city didn’t finish in last volume. Oh, oh this is […]

June 1, 2015

Legend of Basara – Volume 3

It’s not fair how much I enjoy this manga, it honestly isn’t. This volume involves Pirates, beautiful strong females, and beautiful reunions (i think all of that is in this volume). Also I can’t tell what is happening half the time in the action scenes. Pretty sure that’s my fault though. Flags, flags and MORE […]

May 29, 2015

Legend of Basara Volume 2

Since my Volume 1  post was so long, I decided to split the two up. Maybe I shouldn’t do summary format, and just talk about the important parts….I’ll figure it out One image is all i need for this (I’m lying but this is great). Me “Omg this new lady is drop dead gorgeous!!! I […]

May 29, 2015

Legend of Basara Volume 1

Yep, I caved, I couldn’t resist it. I legit had to read it as soon as I could. By the time I came out of my trance, I had finished volume 2. Would have been more if I didn’t get hungry haha So basically, I adore this manga like I knew I would. It reminds […]

May 29, 2015

Super Exite – Legend of Basara

Omg omg omggggg, I am sooo happy to have finally found this manga! I’ve been wanting to read it for really a long time but not on my computer, because #reasons. Anyway, I have no clue why it never occurred to me to look it up on bakabt and just download it. I’m smart LOL. […]