November 5, 2015


Tsubomi Shirakawa, 18 years old, has graduated from high school, but while her circle of friends have already found jobs or started college, she has decided to become a “Freeter,” and begins part-timing at a local rental video store. Meanwhile, she finds out that her cousin Noni, whom she has not met from as long as she can remember, has debuted in show business.┬áTsubomi may have a chubby figure but was uninterested in beauty of figure or form. However that is about to change when, a coworker, Shiro, brings her to visit a bar where she falls in love with the owner, Nasukawa.

June 9, 2015

“Sekirara ni Kiss”┬áChapter 1

Chapter 1 Avelys The premise of the story was a little underwhelming since it felt like a word for word adaptation of one of my favorite manga, Kare Kano (read my review here). Girl wears a mask of “perfection” for x reason and meets a guy who sees through the mask. Other than the unoriginal […]

June 9, 2015

“Suki ni Naranai yo, Senpai” Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Candy Sometimes, I seriously hate myself for my addiction to pretty art and reading through this manga became one of those times OTL. Okay so, first of all, I read the synopsis, thought to myself, “this is going to be dumb as F” then I looked at the art and was like, “maybe […]

May 31, 2015

Hana wa Knife wo Mi ni Matou

Kako Saeki is a senior in high school. She has been modeling and harboring her love for her favorite art teacher, Enjoe. Her heart breaks when she finds out that her love is actually engaged. Now, Kako’s innocent love takes a dangerous turn when she finds out who he’s engaged to… Candy’s Rating: 7/10 Candy’s […]