May 29, 2015

Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

A pianist who attempted suicide 3 times, Juri, is taken to help her aunt at a prison where murderers who killed indiscriminately are sentenced to death. There, she meets a man named Yuu who took the lives of 3 people. A mother’s antagonism—a brother’s death… Together they embrace the violent rebellion in their hearts caused […]

May 27, 2015

100% Perfect Girl Volumes 1-2

So I started this manga last night thinking, hey I’ll read the first volume and then do my first impressions page. LOLjk, it was 5am before I finally forced myself to put the dang thing down. By that point I had gone through 6 volumes :S i.e. THIS MANGA IS ADDICTIVE AS F. It’s like […]

May 27, 2015

100% Perfect Girl

Synopsis Jay Jin is the headstrong teenage rebel, determined to prove she’s serious about making art. J. Max is the tall debonair foreigner, in Korea on business, with more–much more–to his background than he lets on. On the surface, it would seem as though Jay and J. have nothing in common…until a chance encounter in […]

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