A rumor goes around school about an abandoned amusement park and a magician who lives there that can make someone disappear for good. Yoon Ah-ee, a girl struggling to feed her sister and herself everyday will experience her life change as she meets a mysterious magician.

Avelys Rating: 9/10

Avelys Notes: Spectacular manhwa. I was mesmerized with it from the very beginning. It has a beautiful mix of fantasy and magic side by side with realistic life circumstances and choices. This melange of two themes give birth to a fascinating story of finding your own path in life. Seeking happiness can be a difficult path for many. Sometimes abandoning what society deems as a “normal” path to certain happiness is a lie. This is the type of idea this manhwa explores. How different people on different paths connect and try to find meaning where they have none. On one end we have a rich boy who is on his way to leading a “happy” life. The path to getting there does not permit anything less than perfection (perfect grades, perfect status, etc). On the other hand, we have a poor girl who just wants to earn enough money to provide for her family. Then we have a magician who dazzles them both into realizing that there might be another path to happiness. But is the magician really happy? Or is it all an illusion? I loved the art work for this manhwa. There was beautiful 3-D images that gave the story life (like the excerpt I included below with the flower). Everything is presented a certain way for a reason, which adds a certain beauty to this medium. I highly recommend for anybody. I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t like it.

Candy’s Rating: 10/10

Candy’s Fangasm: Omg I did not know we were allowed to do this one! Okay this is actually a seinen (aimed at older males) that is very sparse on the romance, but HOLY F IT IS GOOD. It’s literally the 2nd manga/manhwa I gave a 10 to and it was the first on my favorites list. Look at the art….gorgeous, the characters….fabulous, the plot….dear god it’s amazing. They do an amazing job at mixing reality with magic and you’ll be wondering if magic is actually real or not. The characters are given depth and back stories and their humanistic nature shines through. You can’t help but enjoy the shifting mindsets the characters have as the story goes on due the effects of the magical world created at that circus. I spent the manga wondering what was wrong with magician, because eh seemed so childlike, and the explanation made perfect sense. The plot has depth behind and goes out of it’s way to have it’s message reach it’s audience. What I enjoyed the most of this manga though was the flare put behind each scene. Colors were used perfectly to make a beautiful contrast between the foreground and the background. It also splits the realistic world and the magical world and when the two combine, the panels light up. You get drawn into this world of realism and magic. The art compliments the characters inner thoughts and story. The biggest example of this is Il Deung’s head. He actually has a normal head guys, promise, we just don’t see it until he is happy with himself and his life. I thought the message of the manhwa was a sweet one and the way it was carried out was flawless. Again, the romance is sparse.  Il Deung is in love with Ah-hee, but that’s about as much as you’ll get. The ending was perfect well as again, it stays true to the manga and stays realistic, while adding a bit of magic. If you like….anything, read this one. JUST DO IT, IT’S SO GOOD.

I actually fell in love with the author of this story and continued reading more of their work. Good stuff, but this is by far the best.

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