Ashita no Ousama


A country girl in the big city, Yu doesn’t quite understand just how hard it is to make it big. So when she’s enraptured by a play, she immediately declares it her life’s mission to become a great actress. Unfortunately, she has no knowledge of the craft, no experience, and no skills aside from making good curry — not that that kind of thing would ever stop her.

Candy’s Rating: 8/10

Candy’s Notes: A manga I didn’t read just for the art! This manga touches my love for the world of showbiz. I love when plot revolves around that. Needless to say, I enjoyed this manga. It had a lot of character growth over the span of the story for Yu. We watched her go from a country bumpkin into a confident screenplay write. The comedy int he manga was also great. The ongoing gag of Yu’s acting being horrible cracked me up every time. Warning though, the romance is slow as F, tot he point it seems almost non-existent during some parts of the manga. This is because they wanted to put more focus and plot on Yu’s evolving writing skills and the overall plot, to make an amazing one man show for Touya. As in showbiz, there is always a rivalry, and that caused some drama. The guy was super shady and got off way too easy imo but whatever. There’s a lot of background characters, but honestly, you don’t really need to pay attention to many of them. I liked that the manga did give some of them their own backstories and some depth but of course, the focus is where it should have been, on Yu. I enjoyed watching her push through her obsticles and not getting too stuck up on things, although I did find her just a bit too reliant on Touya or the chief, but hey, that’s how you grown in that business. If you like the world of acting, screenplay, slow romance and get character development., check this out. FYI, the ending is pretty darn satisfying.

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