Cat Street


The story centers around Keito Aoyama, a former famous child actor. Due to a childhood incident, she retired from her career early and withdrew from normal society. Now 16, she passes her days in boredom and without purpose. But one day she runs into a stranger who takes her to El Liston–a free school for high school students like herself, who don’t have a place where they belong. Though hesitant at first, Keito decides to enter El Liston and subsequently, she begins a new stage in her life. With the help of her only remaining childhood friend, Taiyou, and her new classmates Rei, Momiji, and Kouichi, Keito slowly finds the courage to open up to others and to accept their support. Will Keito return to acting? Will she find true friends? Love?

Avelys Rating: 8/10

Avelys Notes: Fantastic manga. There was great character dynamics and a heart warming ending. Main character is trying to find her place in society and learning how to fit in with others. It was quite an enjoyable read seeing her make and connect with these new people in her life. I didn’t feel like there was any forced drama. Writing was great. I wanted to find something similar to Girls Over Flowers or Hana Yori Dango, and found this manga. It’s written by the same mangaka. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a lovely read.

Candy’s Rating: 8/10

Candy’s Notes: Oh gosh, i remember reading this manga when i first got into shoujo mangas. It’s a great starter one to jump you into the genre, as well as a great one to read if you’re worn out but the stereotypical shoujo tropes. This one definitely caught me off guard with its romance. I’m not sure if that was because I was a newbie, or if it was just generally unexpected, but considering how I already knew the rules from anime, I’m going to say it was just unexpected. The characters are all unique and likable. They all have their own charm and own personalities that let them stand apart from the rest, but they also all mesh well together. In a sense, all 4 of them are a whole. They make up for what one is missing and they add and work off of each other, and that gave them such good synergy, I was sad when they grew up and started going their different paths in life. What I really liked about this manga was how that school, something I do not think exists in real life, gave them the chance to pursue what they truly wanted without pressuring them into stereotypical molds. I thought that was a really sweet touch. I found myself wondering if they ever actually did any learning in that school, but they learned what they needed to, and they found what they needed to. The drama was in good doses I believe, and it was pretty realistic. You don'[t get the first boy you like and sometimes you have to decide between friends or love. It was a hard choice and i wasn’t sure who she’d end up with, but int he end they were all happy so I was happy. DOWNFALL of this manga for me was definitely the ending. It felt rushed. like they did a mad dash tot he finish line. They resolved this issue and called it a day. The epilogue was cute tho, but it still felt way too short. I wish I could’ve seen them develop more, especially the time of span they skipped over.

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