Gin ni Naru



Ery was living her ordinary, dull high school life until one day when she saw a guy in the park. Curiosity made her follow after him, and she reached a skating school. Unhesitatingly, she joins the school, but…


Okay, this one was found simply because it was by Okazaki Mari. She’s the same mangaka that did & and I adore her artwork. I’ve been trying to find and read Suppli but legit couldn’t so I gave up and decided to read some of her shorter ones. This is only 4 chapter + an extra but I felt like they covered a lot in that time.

It actually held it’s own type of plot. Watching a child star ice skater get back to ice skating while being coached by and in love with an injured ice skater. I loved Ery’s short hart and punk attitude. Her forward approach and confidence was also enjoyable. My biggest problem, which is kinda a big one, was that she legit was doing EVERYTHING for the coach. Like literally the reason she re-started ice skating was because he made her finally feel the “light” again, I get that, but to the point she was revolving around. She made her goals and aspirations based off his goals and aspirations. The romance does take a back seat to watching her re-learn how to skate though, so that was fun. Waring, the ending was abrupt. It’s not satisfying at all as it feels totally inomplete. But her, that should be expected from 4 chapters. The character’s however were enjoyable. We get to focus on 4 of them, and I liked what each brought. Especially the Wyr’s childhood friend. The backstory with her being a baby, omg it was too cute. The art made me love it sooooo much. Great potential, wish it continue honestly

Score: 7.5/10

The extra had me like “WTF” and I was raging through most of it until I got to the ending and they explained it. It was a good little extra, but now I can’t help bu think about it’s weirder aspects that neither of them wanted to mention haha.

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