Haru Matsu – Volume 1

So I finally was able to read through chapter 5 (I should stop reading so late at night when I’m about to fall asleep). So far the manga is pretty….typical. There’s nothing much out of the ordinary and nothing that makes me WANT to keep reading. To be fair though, the manga is just now starting to develop its romance.


The main girl has constant inner monologues talking to someone named Aya about how she wants to make friends become stronger. Of course, insert the introduction of 4 ridiculously attractive males who play on the basketball team. They come to the shop she works at  so one can confess to co-worker so, hello setup. Basically, sh’es around the boys all the time now and becomes friends with them. BUT WAIT! She makes a cray female friend who is super obsessive about the boys and gets super jealous. This of course means our lovely heroine needs to create distance between her and the boys as to not upset her new female friend. #logic #BROSOVERHOS. That ended quickly and everyone became friends. Yay! The boys keep teasing her (she should stop falling for it) so she rages and says she won’t go to their important match. Of course she goes, the boys win, and we meet Aya. Volume end!

The real important part though is lovely Asukura-kun. Mmms he is delicious and they are starting the freaking cute that actually makes me want to keep reading.


The two leads are cute together, I’m not even gonna lie. Typical as it is, It’s still freaking cute when they focus on the romance


I honestly thought this was going to be a manga where she develops a crush on the super popular boy because hes just too kwet and that’s it. Nooo, he actually has a personality and HE TOTALLY LIKES HER BACK! No way in hell he doesn’t

Stop teasing that girl, she's done messing around haha

I was planning on dropping this, but chapter 5 got me. I’m excite to continue. The main girl was/still is a bit, pretty freaking wamp for me. She doesn’t have too much in the way of personality honestly, or maybe I just don’t like what she has. Either way, she’s getting better.

I knew Aya was a dude all along. Looked like a boy in her flashbacks. Though I did think Aya was secretly Asakuru haha. I’ll take the drama if it makes one of the two mains confess. They are too cute right now.




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