Haru Matsu – Volume 2

Got caught up on this one last night (chapter 11) and I have to say, I’m sorry I thought of dropping you :(. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still generic as F, but HOLY F*** IS IT CUTE!!! Actually really excited for more.


After meeting with Aya again after such a long time, lovely Towa starts acting a bit strange. He seems like he’s avoiding our lead here. Obviously this makes her depressed and she ends up sleep deprived and needing to rest in the nurse’s office. She feels like Towa is there, wakes up, see’s some strawberry milk and chases him down. They talk about things and we get this little moment

Is this...the start to a confession?? Squeeee

She’s very confused about how to deal with Aya and the boys notice this so they invite her to play basketball with them. She makes a wish on her last shot that will supposedly come true if it goes in. As it’s about to bounce off, Towa dunks it for her. It’s SOOO FREAKING CUTE

Mizuki  keeps trying to accomplish her original goal and make more friends. She invites some girls out to karaoke on the day her shop is going to be closed. The boys don’t know so they visit the cafe only to find it closed. Apparently Towa and Mizuki are on texting terms and this gets the boys curious. They all ask Towa how he feels about her, and he says “she’s like air”. After the conversation, Kyousuke tells Towa he meant “air” in a good way and basically heavily implies Towa is in love with Mizuki. Like it was some HEAVY implying. Same day, Aya goes to the court across from the cafe to visit Mizuki. She doesn’t meet Aya, but Towa does, and they have a fantastic conversation that leads to Towa not wanting Mizuki to run into Aya on the courts so he asks her to walk home with him, AFTER a cute grab scene.


Towa calls Mizuki to the rooftop to tell her something important. She gets all flustered hoping it’s a confession. JK he just wanted to tell her het met Aya yesterday and what he was told to pass along. Good guy Towa LOL. BUT WAIT, then Kyousuke appears after Towa leaves to say some misleading(?) things about liking her. I’m confused and can’t tell if this manga is going to be one where a bunch of attractive guys fall for the plain girl for no reason or not because Rui was also saying some stuff about her. Anyway, the group gatehrs at the cafe to study and Mizuki and Towa walk home together. He’s so dense, sending all these signals, calling her cute, he’s torturing this poor girl LOL.

The boys have their matches coming up so Mizuki wonders what she can do to properly cheer them on. She meets Aya outside the cafe as she’s cleaning and he waits for her to finish work at the basketball court across from them. They talk and she feels weird around adult Aya. She ends up asking him what would a ballplayer like to receive before a match. He grabs and hugs her and I swear he confesses to this girl like 5 times but she ain’t having it LOL. She thinks he’s teasing her, pushes him back and they proceed to talk. Kyousuke saw the whole thing though 😉

Everyone is eating on the roof, Mizuki looses rock paper scissors and has to go buy drinks. Kyousuke goes along with her to ask her about the situation with Aya. She explains it and ask what would be a good present. Towa shows up so she’s not able to get an answer. He wanted to buy his milk….that they were buying for him. ADMIT YOU DON’T LIKE HER ALONE WITH ANOTHER GUY DARNIT! Towa tells her the boys won’t be able to come to the cafe for a while due to practice. The boys team gets wristbands from a girl who totally wants Towa’s D (this was mentioned in a previous chapter, I just forgot). Turns out the banner is too wrekced to be used and Mizuki catches this new girl getting yelled out for spending club money on wristbands and not checking what else they need. Mizuki volunteers to make the banner and the new girl says she’ll help out. Lol impending friendship for impending drama….not even tryna hide it. Towa heads to the shop to get Nana to write a lucky charm on Ryuuji’s wristband. OMG INSERT THE CUTE! Towa asks Mizuki to do the same for him and then to hold his hand. DEAR GOD, I SQUEED SO MUCH!!! But guess who’s here! Aya catches em in the act and this leads to the boys starting some rivalry over her that’ll get decided in a 1v1. END

Omg, Never doing 6 chapters again, or I need to stop with my picture spam LOL



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