Kyou no Kira-kun



Nino is a quiet outcast with only a bird for a friend. Kira is a popular boy with a big secret. Even though they live next to each other, they have never spoken. But when Nino learns Kira’s secret, everything begins to change, and what starts as a hesitant friendship grows into something more… but how long can it last?

Candy’s Rating: 9/10

Candy’s Notes: Too many cute pictures! The art for this one is full of soft pallets and adorableness so if you’re an art junkie like me, you’ll love this manga. Okay now on to the nitty gritty. This manga is absolutely adorable, like ridiculously so. The main girl was a social outcast, but to help our fabu main guy here, she stood up and threw away that persona. Okay, sounds pretty typical I know, but the execution is nice. It’s not solely because she had feelings for the main guy she changed, but because she genuinely wanted to help him. Plus, Nino had it in her all along, she just didn’t care to try. She gains friends and then we get to focus on the romance aspect. Our main guy Kira, is a total crybaby. Even though he’s popular and attractive, he relies so much on Nino, and that’s something I really like. The problem though is because of his situation, he’s not sure how close he should get to her. Unfortunately this is still being translated so I don’t know if the ending is heart wrenching or warm and fluffy, but if it’s heart wrenching, it so won’t fit the tone of the manga. It’s such a fluffy and cute romance and you can’t help but squee every time one of them makes a move. Now I have one problem with this manga, and that’s Kira’s best friend. He’s so butthurt about being “abandoned” by Kira he starts acting out. Not to mention when he falls for Nino, which came out of nowhere. He says some seriously hurtful things that really mess with Kira. Besides that, I adore this manga and I freaking need more of it like IMMEDIATELY. Yea it has it’s stereotypical moments, but they’re done well. Also Nino is pretty foward. If she feels something or wants something, she’ll say it pretty quickly so there hasn’t been even dragged out misunderstandings and drama.

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