Kinoshita Mairu has a cute name and she’s apologetic for it, because she’s ugly. In fact, she’s apologetic for her very existence because she’s not cute. Classmates call her “Poison Mushroom” behind her back and even her own brother treats her with disdain. However, all of that is about to change with the help of her transvestite mentor/neighbor, Fuwari-chan, and the “school king,” Kumada Tenyuu!

Avelys Rating: 7.5/10

Avelys Notes: If you like manga which focus on a girl falling in love many times and going through boyfriends, then this is for you! Some romances seem forced, some are funny and some are heart warming. It’s not particularly amazing but it is very entertaining. The art is adorable with very nice detail to the outfits. The story can get a little frustrating at points but it does have some great moments. Update: So I finally finished this manga. I have to say, it was a long ride with drama that didn’t really need to be there but I am happy with the ending. I was scared I wasn’t going to get it (cough cough, Candy misleading me) but I’m happy :3. I like that she experiences different relationships, I thought that was an interesting aspect, and how she grew up after each one. Much like in real life. The ending was bitter sweet and I got annoyed with Mairu plenty of times but if I took it as a young girl growing up and making mistakes, like we all do. So I could tolerate some of her decisions. When she made really good decisions, it more than made up for the dumb ones. Which balanced out nicely. I recommend this manga if you like sweet romance and seeing lots of bishies 😉

Candy’s Rating: 7/10

Candy’s Notes: This manga starts really cute, until you realize how ridiculous it is that this girl is basically living to get a boyfriend. The romances are really cute and some are outfight hilarious! I still crack up when I think of her first relationship. My biggest pet peeve with this manga is how this girl basically can’t do anything on her own. She constantly needs “masters” guidance. You’ll enjoy this manga if you find the main girl relatable or you don’t care about dumb female leads. The art is a big plus point though and the story isn’t horrible so try it out.

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