Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku


In just two volumes, the author manages to create an incredibly rich and fascinating world that is full of wonders and enchanting beauties—a world in which men are watched over by the mechanical goddess Marie who at times appears on the sky. Marie’s music brings people happiness and harmony. Their life is free from advanced technology and the longing for progress. The main story centers around Kai, a young man who develops a deep affection for Marie. His quest for enlightenment leads him inside Marie’s mechanical body where he learns the unbelievable truth about her and his own world.

Avelys Rating: 9/10

Avelys Notes: One of my personal favorites, this work was one of the most unique manga I have ever read. Where to even begin? You’re introduced to this utopian world where everything is perfect. Everybody is happy and relaxed and getting along splendidly. Our main character discovers a secret that threatens to end life as he knows it–and boy is it a ride. The themes this manga explores are interesting, driven into a situation where one has to decide if it would be better to live an ignorant but happy life or face reality and all the problems that come with it. This story really sucks you into this world and is so well written. The characters are extremely developed but my favorite part is this amazing world building. The attention to all the little details, from the art to introducing this world’s culture–was exceptional. This was an extremely amazing experience and I can’t recommend it enough. If you like reading about utopias and are in the mood for something original, this is the manga for you. It’s not too long but it left an impact on me. I also read this mangaka’s debut work Palepoli which was very odd. If you like this manga then you should check out his first work. It has a lot of twisted humor and might leave you confused but it’s quite interesting.

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  1. DL says:

    This manga is absolutely beautiful and I’m glad you featured in as a part of the site.

    • Avelys says:

      Of course. I think I’ve put up all my favorites. I think it’s great to expose people to all different kinds of manga and hopefully this will raise more awareness to this one specifically. *Still waiting for your review on this* <3

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