Oboreru Knife


A beautiful sixth grade girl from Tokyo abruptly has to move to the country side of Japan with her family. The main heroine, Natsume, then meets a boy and from that moment on starts to feel something like a ‘surging wave’ in her body…

Avelys Rating: 8/10

Avelys Notes: This manga starts off with the main protagonist in elementary school and follows her into middle school, high school and then college. Due to being such a young model, there are many obstacles she must overcome. From fitting in school and feeling insecure and ambitious. The story has a lot of heavy drama and after a certain point it was hard to put it down.

Candy’s Rating: 9.5/10

Candy’s Notes: This manga is for those who can handle a large amount of drama. We watch our two protagonists journey from childhood to adulthood with ACTUAL development. They’re mature for their age, but they still see things as kids see them, such as Ko being a “tiny god”.

It’s because they are simply children, they react the way they do to things. Ko trying to fight the man who tried to rape Natsume. It’s only natural he’ll lose. He’s a child and the guy is a full grown man, Natsume being totally disillusioned and upset Ko couldn’t protect her. Totally freaking understandable for a child. She has such a high and crazy view of him, she thinks he can do anything, but he can’t. Both needed to realize Ko was only a middle school aged boy.
. The fact it’s set up this way makes the drama understandable and the overall tone of the story makes it feel necessary. Some situations are handled very maturely by the characters though. The romance in this manga is not cute and sweet at all. Honestly it seems very harmful and detrimental for both characters. They’reΒ  young and look at things completely wrong, and say things that hurt each other. As we progress through their ages, it’s really nice to see what they think, at least Natsume, about the situations when they were young and what led them up to certain points. Since it is a GEORGE Asakura manga, the drama is real and the art is freaking gorgeous. I’m literally gagging on how adorable the outfits are. Just get prepped because you will feel sad, happy, and angry while reading this one. It invokes so many feelings with all the different situations that occur. In the end you just can’t help wanting to root for a happy ending but you can’t see how it will get there. It’s currently ongoing with a lot left to be translated so who knows whats actually going to happen. It’s honestly really addictive so be prepared to suffer waiting for chapters because the release dates are months spread apart. Since there’s so much story left, I wasn’t able to make a proper rant πŸ™

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  1. fennynh says:

    chapter 40 to 64 are already available in Mandarin, and French or Spanish as possible, but no one has to translate them into English. The comic was finished

  2. Bekah Chu says:

    “chapter 40 to 64 are already available in Mandarin”

    Can I have the link for it?? I’ve been looking every where. Thank you very much!!!

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