Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji


Erika lies to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an anonymous guy. He turns out to be Sata Kyouya, a schoolmate of hers who was later briefly recognized by Erika’s friends. Their conversations then are overheard by the guy, so Erika explain to him and proposes her idea of faking as lovers; however, Sata, who initially came off as a charming guy, turns out to be a black prince and instead uses her reasons to blackmail her.

Candy’s Rating: 3/10

Candy’s Rant: OH MY GOD, THIS FREAKING MANGA! I honestly can’t even understand why it’s so popular unless every girl is secretly a hardcore M and I’m just out of the loop. Okay so basically we have this guy who’s a total asshole to the girl and she still falls for him. Not surprising, that happens in shoujo mangas all the time but this time, I literally can’t. The whole time I’m reading I’m like cringing as the female just takes all the guy’s crap and insults and bs and swoons over him because of god knows what. No I honest to god don’t know why she fell for him. He was probably nice to her once and amidst all his assholeness she was like *swwwooooonnnn*. Least to say, our main girl is dumb and incapable of functioning. She’s the type of heroine I dislike the most. She cries and gets super depressed swearing to stop liking the main, but LOLJK HE SMILED AT HER. IT’S A GO BOYS! She’s super easy to please and cheer up if the main guy simply pats her freaking head after talking crap to her. It’s ridiculous. Now I wouldn’t be so harsh on this manga if they did the normal, “oh he changes gradually over time”, but they did “oh he gradually changes, AND THEN REVERTS BACK” -insert more abuse to female lead-. Let’s be for real, he is emotionally abusive to her at points in this manga. The things he says to her are outright disgusting sometimes. Now to be fair, I’m only on chapter 24 so there could have been some amazing progression. I will ATTEMPT to continue reading it because in truth I don’t COMPLETELY hate this manga (it has SOME positives, very little, but SOME) and I’m curious why it’s so damn popular. When he’s not being an ass, the romance is actually really cute and I liked some of the side characters. The humor is hit and miss with me since most of it is at the expense of the female lead. If I change my opinion, I’ll update this. Read if you are a total M.
Random Update: I have determined the mangaka of this manga is a total M and is so disgustingly obsessed with her own creation (Kyouya) that’s it’s abnormally hard for me to function with this one. I need Avelys to continue this struggle because i cannot.


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  1. Avelys says:

    LOL the tagging for this. Kills me everytime.

  2. Koutou says:

    This manga might be 3/10 for you but the review is a 10/10 for me.

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