Piece of Cake


Shino feels totally lost in her life. She goes out with a past work colleague, Masaki, quite macho…and troubles at her work make her leave it. She moves out, takes her independence, moves away from Masaki and settles in a tiny room in an old building of suburbs. On her arrival, she finds a little garden she shares with her neighbours, a couple her own age. And little by little, she feels more and more attracted to the mysterious man who lives next door.

Candy’s Rating: 8.5/10

Candy’s Notes: First of all I have to say, I read everything by this magaka because I adore her art and fashion sense like no ones business. Next, her stories are freaking amazing because her characters are realistic. Shino is so flawed and makes so many horrible choices but it’s understandable why she does. She finds validation in these men but she’s unhappy with her life. She tries to fix it but she keeps failing and falling into her own traps. This is going to piss a lot of readers off, hell it should’ve pissed me off, but there’s something about it. Just reading and hoping that the next time she’ll get it right, but something goes wrong. Even though she keeps failing, she’s still looking for something and when she returned to making clothes, a passion of hers, I was so happy. She does make progress, but there are bumps. I love the comedy aspect of the manga and the forms Masaki takes in her mind. I love all the characters, even the crazy girlfriend of her neighbor. The side characters don’t really get fleshed out in detail, hell the only one who really does is Masaki and he’s not even actually in the story most the time. There’s only 3 chapters left that need to be translated so I don’t know how it ends, but I do know I don’t know who to root for. Explicit sex scenes in this manga and a lot of adult themes.

MAL | Read Online Volumes 3 – 5 | No Download




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