The story of two painfully shy teens who love yazuka movies. An incident at school pushes them over the edge, and they decide to drop their mousiness in order to dispense some “justice.”

Candy’s Rating: 7/10

Candy’s Notes: A bit unusual for a shoujo manga, but yes, two kids and yakuza movies. This is still be translated, and the romance hasn’t even actually started. It’s a one sided crush so far being questioned. That’s probably why I’m a bit bored with his manga. The plot is good and all. Focus on stopping bullies, anti-social kids making friends, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen done before. Everything here is pretty…average, except the art, it’s fabulous as F, which is why I choose to read it and gave it a 7 (I KNOW, I’M A JUNKIE, I’M SORRY). If you don’t mind the typical school life manga’s, with a focus on action and bulling, give this a god. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just not hitting my preferred spot.

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