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Kikukawa Shiori woke up from a bad motorcycle accident with severe loss of memory. Although she is allowed to go home, she has trouble adjusting to a seemingly new life with a brother who is always worried, a sister who apparently hates her, and a boyfriend who won’t give her space. Awful rumors about her previous lifestyle abound in school, too, and even her friends tell her she had it coming. Alone, scared, and angry at the seemingly awful person she used to be, Shiori tries desperately to find a place of comfort she can call her own…

Candy’s Rating: 8/10

Candy’s Notes: Squeeeeee this art though! Iketani PLZ, you’re ending me! Same mangaka who wrote Bitou, also one of my favs, so I had to try this one out. Shiori waskes up in a hospital with amnesia. We watch as she struggles to piee her life together. Apparently she was a horrible person before she lost her memories, to the point even her little sister hates her. Well the new Shiori ain’t having that, and she works to fix the tattered relationships in her life. It’s actually refreshing to read this manga. I’m generally curious about the past life she led and why things became the way they are. They give us little experts so we do get to know a bit. It’s still publishing so there’s a lot I’m not sure about, I just know one thing, THEY PULLED ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS THEY COULD HAVE PULLED! I feel like I’m gonna be extremely salty when this manga ends but we’ll see how it goes. As of now, I like all the characters, and what looks to be a developing romance? I really like the focus on Shiori just trying fix her life though. She’s not horribly reliant on others and she doesn’t sit around crying because of what happened. She’s making progress and moving forward, and I love when things like that happen.

Edit: I’m just here crying, waiting for releases ;———;

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  1. Arria Cross says:

    Oooooh. The art looks kinda nice.

  2. Mis says:

    Please update this manga soon <3 :')

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