Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori


Yuri, a modern day teenager who had just received her first kiss, is suddenly whisked away to ancient Anatolia where an evil queen wants her for a blood sacrifice. Luckily, the timely intervention of Prince Kail saves Yuri from the queen’s grasp. For now. Kail promises to send Yuri back to her home, but the queen’s persistent schemes to kill them both, plus their growing interest in each other, keep those plans delayed.

Candy’s Rating: 9/10

Candy’s Notes: Two immediate things to mention, this manga is long and it’s art is beautiful! I really do love this manga because it’s just soooo good but it has a really big downside. The length of the manga, which is why I started it, actually works against it. As good as the plot is, and let me tell you, I loved the plot, it was dragged out by a good 2-3 volumes. It was like, whenever the issues were solved and everyone had finally gotten their crap together, some new, unnecessary drama that could’ve easily been avoided starts up. Like this is ridiculously true for every time Yuri tries to go. On the plus side, we get to see Yuri be more of a badass! She was just your typical modern day teenage girl who got thrown into this ancient world, but she adapted so quickly. I legit was really happy with how quickly she matured and took on the responsibilities necessary to live in that world. Sure there were a few bumps along the way, but she’s not perfect, no character in this manga is. I thought that was a good thing. The characters were intresting, most of them fleshed out and given a personality. Unfortuently we do have the typical characters that got used and abused for plot development or motivational development. That sucked for hem, but at the very least, this manga made sure each character felt some piece of happiness. I swear, it tried to pair everyone up with someone. ROMANCE FOR ALL! The romance in this one is a mature, addictive, sweet one. Kali comes off as a perfect man, but when Yuri is involved, he has like zero control. It was an obsessive love. It’s also another manga where men would constantly fall for her, so Kali had to deal with a lot of stuff, like the typical kidnapping. It’s not hard to see why people would fall for her, she’s charismatic as F and she’s strong as F, so that, for once, came off natural to me. The basic outline of the plot is pretty stereotypical honestly, power struggle and royal family, yada yada, all that, and it’s execution is done pretty typical, but that is by no means a bad thing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and this certainly isn’t broken. I love when a shoujo manga has a really good underlying plot. It allows us to enjoy the romance and cute moments for that much longer and adds some good drama. If you like a mature shoujo with a strong romance, good characters, and great political plots, albeit a bit drawn out, read this manga. Also, ending is super adorable and super satisfying.

Warning: The scans are pretty…well they’re not the best for some chapters.

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  1. Arria Cross says:

    One of my favourites! Completely corrupted my childhood, but I’m not complaining.

    • Omg you read that when young? Gurl you hardcore! That one was an intense long read with lots of sex and triggers xD Mucho respect, also glad I got one of your favs up haha. Any others you have?

      • Arria Cross says:

        I wasn’t even in my teens when I read this one. The parents bought me any book that caught my fancy, so long as I guarantee that I actually read them. I love the story and I like the female protagonist. She’s fragile yet strong.

        Hmmmm. I have many favourites. But another classic one that I like is “Boku no chikyuu o mamotte”. All the crying and convenient accidental deaths are irritating, but overall, it’s an awesome story. How about you?

        • Right, I adore her because shes strong but not like totally perfect.
          I actually never heard of that one, I’ll be sure to look it up. My favorites shoujo manga is errr Flowers of EVil, Bitou, and Obernennefnanfa Knife (i never spell it right so I smash buttons) I have a lot that I like, but total favorites are generally more dramatic ones. Idk why ;——–;

          • Arria Cross says:

            Indeed. Who wants a totally perfect character? That would just be boring.

            The art might throw you off at first because it’s an old manga, but if you read it long enough, you get used to it. It’s one of those manga that you either love or hate. Fortunately, I’m one of those from the former.

            Oooooh. Flowers of Evil. Intense. I heard that there’s an anime for that manga, but haven’t watched it yet. Have you?

            I see. So you like dramatic ones? Do you like them with romance, as well? As for me, I don’t really mind what kind of genre I read or watch, as long as it’s interesting. And it also greatly depends on my mood.

          • Avelys says:

            Hey, just a little note, I think you might be confusing the anime Aku no Hana with Flowers of Evil. They both mean the same thing but are totally different works 😀 Here’s the link for Aku no Hana (Japanese) and Flowers of Evil (Manhwa) 🙂

          • Arria Cross says:

            Oh. I was talking about Aku no Hana. I don’t read much Manhwa. I didn’t know that there was a manhwa with same title. Thanks for informing me.

          • Avelys says:

            It’s one of our faves! If you want to read our fangirling, check out or post on Flowers of Evil. Although I don’t think it’s for everyone LOL!

          • I have literally just gone alround forcing everyone to read it because I love it so much. it’s delicious and fabu maxxu <3

          • Arria Cross says:

            Thanks. Just checked it out. Quite interesting, indeed. I’ll think about reading it. And the art is attractive, too. Thanks!

          • No problem~ If you read it, hope you enjoy it~

          • Arria Cross says:

            Thanks! It’s been a while since I read some good shoujo romance manga, so I like checking out your regular posts that appear on my reader. Anyway, keep it up. Cheers!

          • Okay so actually a friend had just mentioned this manga like 2 days ago and I was “wtf’n” it haha. I’ll def put it on my plan to read though. I’m generally okay with old art (even though I’m an art junkie) as long as it doesn’t like like madness
            I need romance in like everything ;——-; I just like when it’s made dramatic and edgy I guess. Idk man, I like the fluffy happy ones too, but the more mature atmosphere pulls me in harder. I have only read romance mangas since I became literate haha

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