Flowers of Evil


Se-Joon and Se-Wa are siblings with a dark, complex relationship. Se-Wa, a girl considered psychotic by others, is attached to her brother… a little too attached. In her eyes, there is only Se-Joon, and no one else. And what of Se-Joon’s feelings?

Avelys Rating: 9/10

Avelys Notes: This was quite different than I was used to. The focus on this forbidden love between siblings and all the consequences on behalf of that. The story is dark but very powerful. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it really makes the entire manga. It’s interesting how you end up rooting for a love that at first seems too weird to even understand. That really speaks for how well it’s written and the depth of how the characters are written. Their internal struggle is quite fascinating to read. The ending will probably leave you shocked, and if you’re not entirely sure what happened, I suggest you look it up. Although it’s kind of obvious what happened, it might give you closure if you didn’t understand. Of course, it’s completely left up for your interpretation. I highly recommend if you love dramatic stories with a lot of turmoil and forbidden love. Very worth it.

Candy’s Rating: 9.5/10

Candy’s Fangasm: Saying this right now, they don’ pull the bs “they aren’t really related by blood” thing most incest mangas seem to do.Okay, now on to me fangasming!
I’m totally in love with the dark dramatic type of shoujo mangas, which is why I picked this one up to begin with, and OH SWEET JESUS, it did not disappoint! I adored this manwha so much I kinda forced Avelys to read it. It’s soooooo freaking good. I naturally love yanderes, so this manga was a delicious treat. It’s very dramatic, semi terrifying, but it’s done in such a beautiful way, it’s not overbearing or too much. I feel like it’s not even close to a typical shoujo manga, at least not the ones I read. The forbidden romance aspect has been done, and honestly I’m used to it, but holy crap it was done so well here. What I really loved was how scared the brother seemed of his sister and her feelings. The part where he’s afraid to be alone with her is absolutely done amazingly.

Don't click unless you're ready for spoilers!
It’s like so glorious when you read further along and find out the reason he was afraid to be with her is not because of her obsessive love, but his own! He’s absolutely terrified of how he feels for his sister and does all he can to control it, which is actually why he pushed her to another man to begin with. Well that backfired on him. He never thought she would actually leave him and develop feelings for someone else. It only pushed him to the literal edges causing him to do what he does.
The “push and pull” game they do may upset you, or feel a bit drawn out, but by the end, it makes sense why it was done like that. Plus when you think about the characters and how they are feeling, how they were raised, and how they have been their entire life, it makes absolute sense that they respond to each other the way they do. “I hurt you so you hurt me until you love me”, is basically what we see happening with the twins. I honestly did not know if I wanted the romance to work or not, simply because I was used to them hurting each other, which is a good thing! It’s not a sappy romance where love conquers all, it’s gritty, dramatic, “who the hell do a I root for” heaven. It was also, “WTF DO YOU WANT” hell. You honestly do not know how both of them are feeling until later in the manga because they keep playing these games with each other. Is it like “I want you to hate me but stay attached to me”? Or is it “get the hell away from me, but you’re my blood so I’ll be nice to you”. It’s honestly really up in the air for a while there. When one got pushed, the other pushed back. They weren’t static, sitting around waiting for the other to come, they forced the other to come by continuously hurting and caring for each other. Guess you can say this is manhwa is kinda bipolar. It goes from abusive to caring to terrifying to all minds have now been lost. It makes the characters come to life honestly. Like they’re not acting like children, They are vengeful humans who have no fucks to give unless it’s for what they want. It’s literally amazing to read and watch them torment each other and themselves. The art felt like it extenuated the story. We have these beautifully drawn siblings, and omg are they beautiful, in this gritty story doing some pretty dark things. You have to read through to the end to get the full effect of this manga because the ending that THAT powerful.
Only click if you read the story already!!!!!
DEAR GOD THAT ENDING! It was literally amazing. Like I can’t even control how off guard it caught me. Like one second everyone was happy (okay not really) and the next second See-Joon is hitting Gi-Hoon in the head with a rock and everything just spirals out of control. It’s so freaking sad how she keeps trying to call Gi-Hoon. What started out as her being the obsessive yan ends with her just wanting to talk to Gi-Hoon. Like literally, tears were on my face at the ending with the biggest shock face.
Nobody could handle ANYTHING! They were so fragile, so emotional, and so very easily shook up. I’m literally in love with these characters and the story they told. The ONLY reason I didn’t give it a 10 was because how one of the twist played out. It wasn’t explained at all but it was extremely predictable. If you love yanderes, drama, forbidden romance, beautiful art, or you’re just looking for something different from the typical shoujo, read this! Actually, read it anyway because it’s freaking amazing!

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