Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi


16-year-old Kizuna stalks the city at night, flirting with middle-aged salary men and coercing them out of their money. The thrill should be enough to satiate her, but Kizuna remains unsatisfied with her everyday life… That is, until the beautiful Inoue Yuki, also living in “Birdcage Manor” approaches Kizuna with a job proposition- to model in the nude for Yuki’s cousin, a painter and fellow resident Yusei Asai!
Candy’s Rating: 7/10
Candy’s Notes: Honestly forgot I even read this manga, so I’m guessing I didn’t find it very memorable. The art, of course being what drew me in, is pretty as F. I should seriously stop being such an art junkie. The story wasn’t bad by any means. I liked the relationship that was built up between all the characters and the focus on relastic topics such as Asai’s depression. The main girl was extremely pleasant to me as well because she wasn’t a weak, sit around and cry type a girl. When she got faced with a challenge, she met it straight on, but she also acted in a manner a normal human girl would. She gets scared, panics, and has doubts, but she still wants to do her best to help. I think one of my issues with this manga was, I don’t actually understand why she fell for Asai. Was it his talent? His personality? which was a bit lacking, or what? They gave him a gimmick and stuck with it. i.e. him being useless on his own. The parts where they gave him a background and some depth were my favorite, because it explains why he was so apathetic and useless like that. The ending was rushed, like extremely rushed, and I didn’t like the execution of it at all. Closure is relative. I would’ve liked to know some of the background characters they brought in more, but with the length of the manga, I say they did a pretty good job fitting in a lot of necessary stuff. Overall, it is a good manga, and I enjoyed it as I read it, it just doesn’t stick out in my mind. If you like your shoujos…more seinen like, okay with a slower not fully developed romance, but do enjoy pretty art and good characters, give this a read.


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  1. zenron101 says:

    I’d forgotten that I’d read this too. I remember laughing at an elevator scene but that’s about it. 10/10 it was ok.

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