Tsubasa to Hotaru


I’m Sonokawa Tsubasa, 15-years-old.

Right after starting high school, I fell in love with an upperclassman who saved me when I was anemic at the train station. I thought it was a destined encounter. But after running into him every day, I was rejected with one word: “annoying.” While being comforted by my childhood friend, Yuri-chan, who’s the manager of the boys basketball team, I found out that Yuri-chan had injured her hand! So now I’m helping with her job as the club manager…?!

Avelys Rating: 7/10

Avelys Notes: I was pretty hooked on this manga from the get go. Only 14 chapters are out so far and I’m anxious for the next chapter! We are greeted with a beautiful but over enthusiastic protagonists who puts so much effort into everything. This ultimately scares off potential love interests. Trying to hold back on her feelings, she tries to exercise restraint. Which she does–and it’s heart warming. She is very likable and I find myself rooting for her. She’s honest with her feelings. What I like most about this manga is probably the dialogue with the characters. It feels very realistic and it’s fun. Joking around and talking casually feels like a real highschool manga. Which adds to the experience. The love interest is likable, of course. We don’t know much about him except he’s pretty much perfect. But hopefully that will develop as the series goes on. I recommend for anybody who loves high school romance and wants a cute fix. Sadly, the manga doesn’t break from the norm, but it’s not so detrimental as the characters aren’t completely moronic, so it’s slightly believable.

Read 14/? chapters.

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