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In a dystopian future in which robots are becoming increasingly commonplace, a young boy named Hogu lives in near poverty with his grandmother and sister. Though he innately possesses a kind soul, he is ostracized by his classmates and frequently bullied. At the beginning of the story, we find Hogu, friendless and alone – until he meets a robot girl…and our story begins.

Candy’s Score: 8.5/10

Candy’s Notes: This precious little gem is by the same man who wrote Annarasumanara which is really the only reason I found and read it. However, this manhwa takes on a life of its own, meaning, it’s so unique in its own way, I didn’t spend my time comparing it to Annarasumanara as I read it. That is an extremely good thing! The style is the same, the bright colors and a mixture of elements such as sci-fi and reality, and deep messages throughout the manhwa, so if you adored that aspect of Annarasumanara, you’ll adore this one as well. The focus shifts to bullying, loneliness, and the relationship between a human and a robot. Throughout reading the manwha, I was constantly wondering if Chervlot could actually feel any emotions, and her actions made me want to believe she could, but then they would always remind us that she was nothing more than a robot. Hugo accepted this, and still moved forward. Why? Because she gave him kindness when he was lonely and down. She gave him hope and self-esteem. He didn’t have to pretend to be something else because she accepted it. That’s why it’s like, oh is she doing it because she’s a good person, or just because she’s programmed that way? In the end, it really didn’t matter, because Hugo just needed that kindness, programmed or not. Personally, I though the story was extremely rich, or maybe I just adored the style and the way it was told, either way, I adored reading this one. It was hard to deal with the bullying scenes simply because the reasons they existed, and unfortunately, they were realistic reasons. This is a mature manwha so expect some mature themes such as sexual abuse (not explicitly shown) and different forms of death. It actually gets pretty sad despite how pretty and bight it looks. The gritty art style compliments the gritty story and both contrast well with the bright colors use to tell the story. The entire manhwa is in color so it’s honestly a feast for the eyes. The characters are all….humanistic. You can relate to different aspects of them, but that does not mean you will like them, at all. Frankly I hated most the characters simply because they were so human. You’ll read it and think “yup, this is exactly how someone would act”, but it’s not a bad thing, it adds depth to the story. I did have some issues and little nitpicks here and there but nothing that would ever stop me from saying this is a great manwha that people should definitely take the time to read….if you can handle it lol.

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