Dawn: Tsumetai Te


Remember that plague you learned about in history class? Well, it’s back, ready to infect hordes of people! Follow Nagasawa, a melodramatic student caught in the middle of this horrid epidemic, with absolutely no idea what’s going on, trying to get through life with infected people all about. Can you say creepy?

Candy’s Rating: 6.5-7/10

Candy’s Notes: This isn’t my usual type of manga (more action focused) but I was like, whhhaaat, horror and josei, SIGN ME UP! I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but it was an interesting read nonetheless. There’s a virus going around, being transfer through bite and our protagonist get’s like partially infected. I don’t remember all the little details but he gets told what’s happening to him and basically is told to sign up with the squad that fights them. So he fights the zombies after some dramatic events happen but he also starts falling in love with this girl. Yeah, it’s a pretty typical setup honestly that’s executed in a pretty typical way. Think Parasyte, but a josei. It’s not bad at all, but it also wasn’t good to me, it was just, alright. What I did like though, was watching Nagasawa go from being totally scared of em, to going manmode on the zombies. Some of the scenes where he goes berserk where delicious as F. The twist are really predictable but kudos for effort. It felt like they constantly wanted us to be guessing when really the only mystery in the manga was the motivation for some characters. Everything else was pretty blatant. The ending, is satisfactory in that it offers closure, but I didn’t like it. They bs’d their way into it and I would’ve been happier if they pulled something else. The art, is definitely not my favorite, but it’s terrifying. All in all it’s not a bad read if you enjoy the genres, just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary. It may be a bit out of the ordinary for a josei manga, no actually it’s like a seinen, with a joseis romance, it’s weird. Yes the romance does develop and get focused on throughout the manga.

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