Fruits Basket


Tooru Honda is a high school freshman who is having a serious bout of misfortune. Not only was she recently orphaned with the tragedy of her mother’s death, but she also has no where to live and is currently residing in a tent! However, when her luck to seems to be at its worse, she meets the Souma family, and is invited to stay with them in exchange for taking care of the household chores.

Avelys Rating: 8.5/10

Avelys Notes: I started this manga right after watching the anime (which has a total “READ THE MANGA” ending!). Overall, I really enjoyed reading this manga. I loved all the characters, they were all so cute! The main character, Tohru, was especially adorable. She was cute and sweet but also headstrong. Although timid in nature she isn’t lacking in any personality. So it’s understandable why everybody loves her <3 I think the comedy was well done. This will be a great gateway manga for people who haven’t read any shoujo or haven’t read a reverse harem. It’s an easy read with a little drama and very heart warming. Also, the ending song for that anime is one of my favorites =3

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  1. Jatz says:

    Niceu Abby. I had a feeling the anime would have a “go read the manga” type of ending. I’ve had the DVD for the anime for such a long time, but I’ve never watched it lel. I’ll have to change that, soon…

    That ending theme is pretty nice. =)

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