Hajimari no Niina

Hajimari No Niina2

11-year-old Niina is special. This is because she has the memories of her past life as a girl named Chitose still intact. Among these memories is a promise with Chitose’s boyfriend which Niina then decides to try and fulfill. But can she really do it?

Avelys Rating: 7/10

Avelys Notes: I picked up this manga hoping to read a quick cute read. The description kind of interested me and I wanted to see how they could pull this off. The first few chapters introduced this young girl and she does in fact remember her past self and her boyfriend, but 10 years already passed since she met her unfortunate semise. The manga doesn’t explain how she retained those memories or attempts to give any of the behind the scene workings of this event, focusing more on the drama. It’s as if someone thought “I wonder if my boyfriend will continue loving me if I died” and this story explored that idea. The story by itself was pretty cute. We have this adorable girl who seems mature for her age and this handsome guy who is nice to her but feels distant from time to time. He is still in mourning for her past self. Before you roll your eyes, don’t worry, they don’t dwell on that too much. In fact, as the chapters go on, the focus shifts to the MC and her growing up. Coming to terms with her new life, with making new goals, focusing on herself. I liked this aspect of the manga. Where instead of running around and only following the love of her life, she tries to find a path for herself.  I do appreciate what the manga was trying to do but I wish the characters were more properly fleshed out. To tackle themes of mourning, death, losing a loved one, growing up– only become compelling when you can identify or relate with the characters. To some extent, the mangaka tried to make this story insightful but I don’t think it succeeded completely. It had some sweet moments, of course. If you’re just looking for a nice light read, then by all means. The love story is good and you probably will smile a lot during certain scenes. I recommend this manga if you’re interested in stories with age gaps and looking for something cute. Don’t expect too much from it (or explanation of this supernatural event XD)

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Hajimari No Niina



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