Honey Mustard


Ara, a pretty high school student, finally gets the chance to cozy up to the guy of her dreams, but she blows it and ends up kissing the wrong boy under fairly compromised circumstances. Hilarious complications, mistaken identities, and misinterpreted signals ensue, and Ara soon finds herself being backed into an arranged marriage she at first wants no part of…

Avelys Rating: 7.5/10

Avelys Notes:  First off, I just want to start off by saying that this manhwa has been dropped by the author so there’s no conclusion :/ I’m going to review what I’ve read from it, which regards the 23 chapters released. I didn’t know it wasn’t finished, sadly so I will forever be left hanging. I thought the story was fun to read, it’s on the dramatic side but I didn’t find it over dramatic and enjoyed reading it. The story starts off with typical “coincidences” that shoujo is known for, this time with the MC kissing the wrong boy (she was drunk and it was dark, okay?). This event unfolds a series of chair reactions and sends her in a whirlwind of drama. From the school taking the incident way out of proportion, to vicious gossip and finally with some intense family drama. The incident itself was just what pushed everything over the edge for our heroine and we see her try to overcome all obstacles. But she’s not alone! Our male lead is a proud, outspoken but lovable character. He was quite taken aback at how everything blew up but he’s not one to shy away from responsibility. Their romance is endearing as you see their relationship slowly develop. I liked the pacing of the story as it gave the characters space to breathe and react to the situations around them instead of moving on from one drama to the other –which I feel is a big drawback to dramatic stories. The main focus of the story is the developing romance of these two main characters and I think it’s done very well.  I recommend this manga if you’re interested in a romantic story. The story is intriguing and if you’re okay with the fact that there’s no ending, you might enjoy it too.

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