Knock Your Heart Out!


“One day, like an attack, you are caught in a fire of love.
It is beautiful and sad at the same time.
Once you are captured by the hands of love, there’s no way.
Your love story might be started at this very moment,
……are you surely all right?

Those are love stories of the young middle high school children who are in trouble with love.

Who’s gonna knock your heart out?”

Candy’s Score: 8/10

Candy’s Notes: Just another GEORGE Asakura manga, i.e. my favorite mangaka! If you haven’t read my reviews about his other work (Oboreru Knife and Piece of Cake), then you may be confused why my score for this is as high as it it. I love her beautiful artwork, sense of fashion, and mixture of dramatic elements into love stories. Honestly this manga is freaking insane! We have 4 different protagonist, each with their own story going on, some being tamer than the others. Our first story is about a girl liking a boy and decides to use sex to get him. Let me mention that these are indeed middle school kids! They do not feel like it at all though. The reason why I loved this manga so much was because of her. After using sex, she becomes afraid that he doesn’t actually care about her and starts avoiding him. He confronts her and they literally, and I mean literally, have a freaking fist fight. He’s punching her, she’s punching him! I loved that it didn’t matter the she was a girl, they we’re going at it. Negeshi and Arai are super cute when we return to them, with her asking to punch him and him getting super scared. Anyway, I wasn’t into the second story. It’s a student – teacher relationship. She pretty much blackmails him into going on dates with her because she seriously needs a father figure in her life LOL. The 3rd one is a pretty F’d up one but probably the most realistic of them all. A girl with a boyfriend who doesn’t care, constantly cheats on her, makes a fool out of her, but says he loves her. She gets tired of his bs and eventually dumps him and starts to see some nice boy. As real life goes with younger people, they always return to the douche. I really liked her new boyfriend too. What a shame. The last girl has a way more normal story. She pretends to have this perfect boyfriend. He’s imaginary as F but it makes her feel good. Some boy calls her on her bluff and confesses to her. It’s cute watching the two develop. All in all the stories are good, the characters are waaaay too human, i.e. flaws off their butt, and the art is….it’s freaking GEORGE Asakura, need I say more? This definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s a love it/hate it manga that is definitely not for everyone. I myself can’t help but love it for how these middle school kids get depicted.

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