Our crybaby protagonist Hirahara Tsukasa hasn’t always been a crybaby. Due to the death of her older sister Chihiro, Tsukasa hasn’t been able to dam up the flood of tears ever since – even about little things.

She is further disheartened after moving to Tokyo from Hiroshima, especially after a series of incidents cause her and her four classmates to miss the bus and be late for the entrance ceremony on the very first day of the school term. However, it is precisely this event that ends up drawing her closer to maturity and fueling her determination to stop her crybaby tendencies. And perhaps, she may even find an unexpected love on the way…

Candy’s Rating: 7/10

Candy’s Notes: I was actually pleasantly surprised with how this came out. When I saw the name and the tags on it I instantly shed a tear thinking I as going to have to deal with a girl who cried over every situation. Even though she was kinda like that, she had a legitimate reason to do so plus she actually wanted to stop doing that. She was actively working to change herself for the better so it wasn’t like extremely annoying. Plus the things that annoy me in most shoujo mangas that the heroines tend to cry about, she handled really well. So to say, it wasn’t bad. It’s a cute short story, but I wouldn’t look twice at it. Due to short length of the manga,  we’re given an underwhelming presence from its side characters, which is honestly unfortunate since this manga decided to throw a bunch in. One guy was given literally like no personality besides the kind best friend, the other guy was turned into a lunatic for like no reason, then again he was already crazy in an asshole way for no reason, and then THE ONE CHARACTER I WANTED MORE ON (Misa), WE GOT BARELY ANYTHING! So yea, the side characters get very little love. The main focus is Tsukasa and her trying to better herself while dealing with her feeling and this romance triangle bs that they totally forced on us (read it, it’s literally extremely ridiculous and unnecessary). I didn’t hate or like either or the mains, they didn’t really stick out of show much for themselves. The plot is a typical school life shoujo romance plot, nothing out of the ordinary here besides the Tsukasa’s past and I guess Himeno’s past. The comedy aspects did have me cracking up, I won’t lie. The way they all met was hilarious. Besides that though, I didn’t find myself emotionally attached or caring about the characters too much. The depth was shallow and the romance was…slightly frustrating (read above). Anyway, overall, it’s a good manga but nothing you NEED to read. If you have the time, go for it, if not, you’re not missing out on much.

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