“Sekirara ni Kiss” Chapter 1

Chapter 1


The premise of the story was a little underwhelming since it felt like a word for word adaptation of one of my favorite manga, Kare Kano (read my review here). Girl wears a mask of “perfection” for x reason and meets a guy who sees through the mask. Other than the unoriginal story, I thought the art was very pretty. The dialogue between the characters was okay although that kiss came out of nowhere. (Really, though?) Anyways, I’m not impressed but I’ll see how the story unfolds. I did like how quick they cut to the chase of what the manga was trying to be, but I just wish there was more mystery. Hopefully we will be shown more on the MC because she seems so superficial and her reasoning to why she’s the way she is seems pretty flimsy. If she revolved her life around living a certain way, you would think your reason should be pretty good or at least you’d have a strong belief in. But her core was shaken so quickly. Also don’t like her gushy reaction to male lead but I can’t fault her for that since it’s already been established that she is superficial (and we all probably gushed when we saw him too). Although he appears to be the typical angsty male lead. Anyways, in conclusion: don’t love it or hate it so I’m giving it a chance. My first impression isn’t good but hopefully it will improve.

Chapter Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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