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Our protagonist, Hikaru, is a member of the astronomy club at her school. On one beautiful starry night, she encounters a tall boy with blonde hair that looks almost white. However, he turns out to be…?!

Candy’s Rating: 8/10

Candy’s Notes: This manga was a lot better than what I expected, I’ll be honest. I was expecting literally some cliche bad boy with the personality issue and sweet girl falls for him and fixes him. Not to say that it wasn’t like that, but it’s a bit different. Asou isn’t a bad boy, like at all, he just comes off as one because he’s pissed about an accident. Minami isn’t a sweet but useless heroine either. When she’s comforted with something, she pushes through it. That’s why I liked this manga. It has it’s drama filled areas, like figuring out the past and whatnot, but it didn’t effect the mains to the point we, as readers, are sitting here banging our heads against our desks praying that some random person will end the drama. Minami accepts what she’s told, sure she may get affected, but it doesn’t stop her or her feelings for Asou. I loved watching them develop as a couple and then grow together from there. I do wish we got to see more though, but we are awarded with a chapter of the night they spent together, you know, THAT TYPE OF NIGHT, at the end of the manga. The two leads are super cute together too, like sometimes it was overbearingly cute (in a good way). The manga doesn’t  just focus on the romance or their school life, it contains an overall plot. The plot of the story was interesting, nothing too unique, and pretty predictable, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I haven’t read too many that focused on astronomy or the stars so that aspect was unique to me and I really liked those scenes of them gazing up at the sky. Overall a really cute manga and a good read if you like some plot, a bit of drama, emotionally strong leads who connect super adorably with each other, and/or you like stars.

ALSO Included in manga:

“Melodramatic Library”  (One Shot)

5/10:::This, was kinda weird due to it’s ending. Had it not ended the way it did, I would’ve like it a lot more. It’s a age gap, forbidden love type of story.

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  1. Avelys says:

    Love this manga . I’m so glad it didn’t go the generic route, and the reveal in the hand was so simple and not as dramatic which really fit the tone of the story. Really great read. That one-shot at the end was so weird. I mean it’s cute but confusing. How could they even pull that off? AND HOW OLD IS SHE? Dengeki Daisy vibes.

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