“Suki ni Naranai yo, Senpai” Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Sometimes, I seriously hate myself for my addiction to pretty art and reading through this manga became one of those times OTL. Okay so, first of all, I read the synopsis, thought to myself, “this is going to be dumb as F” then I looked at the art and was like, “maybe it’ll shock me.” No, it didn’t, at all. Imma summarize this with a picture from the first chapter.

img000047If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you know how I feel about this.

Alright, for a legit first impression summary. So the main girl, Iku, see’s a picture, falls in love with its creator, who at the time looks like some innocent smart megane-kun. She decides to go to the highschool he’s gong to when she graduates from middle school. Granted, his picture was pretty beautiful, I’m already extremely turned off by this whole premise, but whatever, I still have hope, I’ll bite. She joins the art club when she get to new school only to find some “unknown” (you know where this is going right) guy basically sexing up this guy. Best scene, 10/10, would feel that girl up again. Anyway, she doesn’t recognize him of course because you know, that’s true love, grown out bangs  changes everything. K, are we done here? Nope. She calls him a good for nothing, he sexually harasses her, oh did I mention, HE LIVES FREAKING ACROSS FROM HER! Cliches please, my poor bishoujo heart can only take so much.

Chapter Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
(2 because he’s hot)



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