“Suki ni Naranai yo, Senpai” Chapter 2

Yea, so there were 3 chapters of this released when I read it, sooooo, here we go.

Chapter 2


WHY WHY WHY WHY DO I KEEP READING!!!! How I wish to say it gets better, OH HOW I DO ;——–;. Yo this manga is cliche city, on the real, like it’s kinda out of control. After being sexually harassed and finally realizing that the perverted guy is her first love, Iku-chan, like all brave heroines, completely denies they are the same person~ Okay not really, she’s disillusioned as she should be, but every shoujo fan known that’s not going to stop anything, so why does it matter?! Because it gives her guy friend, who I think shares the same name as some other chick in the art club, a chance. Anyway, this chapter I found out that Iku actually is talented in track and field, which is surprising, considering they seem to want to give her the typical clumsy personality. I’m also then told she decided to not join that club but rather the art club for a guy. K, why am I not done yet, this is TOO shoujo for me. I’m sure a bunch of you will adore this manga, but it is so not my cup of tea. I’m like cringing as I read it, honestly, cliches and what seems to be an easy female lead are out of control. Example, Iku gets drunk this chapter, how, doesn’t matter, you know shet is going down. Typical chapter of “he’s nice to me, maybe he isn’t so bad”. Enjoy my summary picture

Chapter Rating: ♥♥♥♥
That 1 is because he’s so freaking sexy tho



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