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Momoko, who dreams of becoming an illustrator, finds employment in an ultra fast-paced office that specializes in designing pachinko parlors!! With the office running a yakuza-like business and employing a designer who has a habit of suddenly stripping in the middle of the night, Momoko believes that the company employees are a bit… no, definitely eccentric!! She continues pulling all-nighters, unable even to return home… And in the midst of that cigarette smoke-filled office, where women’s authority takes a step back, she asks herself, “Why am I here?”

Candy’s Rating: 8/10

Candy’s Notes: This is a series I actually wanted to read for a while, so when I found out Stilleto had finished it, I was like super happy. Yes, yes, I went in to it for the beautiful art and the josei tag, and it delivered on either of those fronts and more. It’s a story about adults and an adult romance (THANK YOU SWEET MARY JANE!!!) I love my shoujo, don’t get me wrong, but high school students are so limited and they react like….high school students. The romance is pretty much centered around Momoka’s quirky workplace, so it’s a very chill, comedic vibe for a while. Due to the manga being short, the romance happens very quickly, so it feels kinda disorienting, but nevertheless, it’s extremely cute (especially cause the man guy is a bear and Momoka is so small and cute). Momoka reacts very well to the things that happen in her life, i.e. no chapters of brooding and blah blah, she simply moves on or tries to figure out how to handle the situation. The crap with her boyfriend kinda pissed me off, but it was a human thing to do. She wised up, so all was well. The quirkiness of her job and the characters Momoka works with adds a chill, hilarious vibe, making this manga a stress free one. The ending is pretty lame honestly, because some hating female couldn’t keep her crap together, but I like how in the end, it just showed how much Momoka did love her job. This little workaholic was too cute, all in denial about trying to quit <3 The side characters don’t leave much of an impression, to the point I couldn’t remember who was who, but they add comedy value so it’s cool I guess. All in all, definitely good for a short read to relieve the Josei thirst inside of you.

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  1. Jatz says:

    Niceu job, Candy-chon. =)

    Momoka was such a qt. The art was great to look at, too. Also, lel at adultery tag.

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