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Taki is cool and is very smart, but likes to go at his own pace. Mio sees Taki at the subway station one day, but suddenly, Taki does something really strange….!?

Avelys Rating: 8/10

Avelys Notes: I read this a while ago so I might be fuzzy on the little details, but I know I found it enjoyable. The first half of the manga deals with the falling in love process. I love how quickly they got together and how refreshing that felt. A pure love story. Of course, this wouldn’t be a shoujo without a love triangle and I liked how that developed. You’ll probably see it coming a mile away (before the characters actually notice themselves) but the characters are likable. Don’t expect anything our of the ordinary as it develops like a standard shoujo. The characters are really charming, I even found myself rooting for the rival. I’m at a point where it’s ambiguous what she’s going to do (although we all know how it’s going to end) and I love that feeling. When you like both male leads. As long as the other one isn’t a completely irritating asshole, which I see frequently. Isn’t the love rival suppose to bring in some sort of competition? I hate when the winner is obvious. This manga currently has like 20 something chapters scantalated into english. I read like 10 chapters, after the scantalations stopped, in spanish and the drama gets set up really nice. I can’t wait to finish it. I do like the female protagonist since she’s not a complete idiot but there was a point where I wish she wasn’t so indecisive. It doesn’t bother me as much as usual due to the characters actually being written well. I understand their motivations and their thinking. Anyways, I do recommend this one if you like love triangles and romance.

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