Bunbetsu to Takan


Aya has a great boyfriend Kento who treasures her a lot. But she is also attracted to Kento’s older brother, who has a twisted personality. How come she can’t stay away from him and she goes so far to cheat on her boyfriend? Will Aya’s sense prevails over her sensibility?

Candy’s Rating: 2/10

Candy’s Notes: Since Avelys put up the new About Me today, I figured this is a great manga to review. It has literally everything I hate….but love, in one. Such a problem in my life. Read the synopisis, and get ready because you’re going to be staring at the pages like WTF ARE YOU DOING BROOO. It’s soooo dumb. The main girl is actually retarded, but it’s okay, both boys are retarded too. Main girl gets a boyfriend, he’s a cool cat. Brother gets jealous and hits on main girl, she lets it. She’s like, oh maybe I shouldn’t….but I am. Like I’m actually okay with that, that’s some real life shit. You’re dating someone but you’re attracted to another guy ad when he makes a move it’s like WHAT DO. What I’m not okay with are the reasons and how it was handled. Like legit, she has sex with the older brother and tells him she loves him because he was lonely on his birthday. Like bby gurl, you’re too easy, waaaay too easy. He makes a sad face and you’re like, “HERE’S MY VAGINA TO WARM YOUR COLD HEART!” Like LOL woman please!! Now if you can relate to that, girl this is the manga for you, not even though. I’m pretty shady and I couldn’t get behind how whack and indecisive this girl is. Now for the menfolk. Omg they are horrible. I get the older brother being jealous and thus messing with her, but bro you’re abnormally shady! Like legit, his younger brother cares for him. It’s their mom that makes him feel like shit, so why is he taking it out on the younger brother. F’d up man. Now the boyfriend, lol, this poor kid, He didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this, and he gets betrayed by two people he cares about and catches em. The ending though, OMG IT SO BAD LOL. No conclusive ending but just the last page is so freaking dumb, I cannot. My 2 is for the art because I love it but this mangaka is freaking ridiculous sometimes man. Also the same mangaka who did Hana wa Knife wo Mi ni Matou. Told you she was insane.

Included One Shots

Delusional Diary

Ui fell in love with the wrong guy. Jiro is popular and handsome, and agreed to date her, but he insists that their relationship should remain a secret. Ui starts to feel more uncomfortable about her love situation and her trust in Jiro is weakened by his cold attitude towards her. Is Jiro cheating on her or does he just have a very weird way of expressing his love?

3/10:::: Pretty typical case of misunderstanding motives. Wasn’t too fond of how in her head the female protag was about the guy. She also let her treat her in a manner that made her suspect their relationship. Dominant male story.

The Little Mermaid who Became a Witch

Everyone knows the story of the little mermaid who fell in love with the prince and exchanged her voice for a pair of feet. Did anyone wonder about the witch’s story and why was she so bitter towards the young mermaid? An interesting twist of The Little Mermaid classic, this time, from the witch’s point of view.

8/10::::This one was actually pre good. That bitter old witch, like omg. It’s a tragic story, and the romance is an unrequited one, but the ending is actually really cute. Like, cute for me though, which means like, weird for most people LOL. You can’t help but feel bad for her man, it ain’t right! The story is so depressing. It’s basically shitting on love, seriously. Like if you read anything from this manga, read this one, cause my feels were real. Poor bby got used and abused and then tried to regain her heart only to be left. Everyone gets rektd.

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13 Responses

  1. Avelys says:


    Best logic imo. I remember when we raged over this one. The best part was that Mermaid story. This mangaka needs to get her life together.

  2. SickeninglySweet says:

    We did, we raged the f outta it because it was soooo dumb. Thank god for that damn mermaid story or else I would’ve felt like I wasted years of my life. Bro this ho is mad crazy! We have two others we read by her. maybe I should just spree her crap for rage material

  3. Avelys says:

    And lol what does this have to do with new about page ROFL

  4. Jatz says:

    Is it wrong that I really want to read this? 😮

    Niceu work, Brandi. I have some interesting stuff to read. This mangaka sounds cool…

    • SickeninglySweet says:

      Lol Jatz, your M is showing honey.

      Oh yes, you’ll love going “wtf” to her work. I have another one I read, and then I’m going to read two more and just feature this crazy ho like I did the last one haha.

  5. Koutou says:

    Your reviews are always so flawless .

  6. Jatz says:

    Finished reading this earlier. I get what you mean about the first story. I wouldn’t have minded if the girl chose one, but the way she says she’d still have both on the last page… ugh.

    The mermaid story was kind of nice. I felt so bad for the obaasan. ='(

    The third story was just senpai overdose. Lost count of the number of times she said senpai. XD

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