Ten years ago, there was an explosion at Hisano’s apartment building. She would have been there, but she’d been hit by a bike ridden by a boy in blood-stained clothes. He dropped a toy scale when it happened, and she’s been hanging on to it as a good-luck charm ever since. Now Hisano’s in high school. One of her teachers was murdered, and the police are investigating. A young man suddenly appears carrying the toy that scale belonged to. And perhaps… can he also see the hallucinations Hisano has always been plagued with? Everything is connected as the pattern slowly rises to the surface.


Avelys Rating: 7.5

Avelys Notes: A mystery shoujo, this manga was a little different than what I was used to. It had all the little components that are in standard shoujo: a little love triangle, interesting back stories, bishounen– but this one offered something different. My first impression was how the main character feels like an actual person. She’s not ordinary, dumb or self righteous but she feels disconnected from her peers and even has negative thoughts and opinions. What struck me was how she felt left out when all her classmates were crying but she was the only one that wasn’t. We find out that not only did other people cry to fit in but that she was probably the only one truly honest to herself by not crying. I thought that was an good introduction of her as a character. As the story goes on you discover that our main protagonist is “angsty” for a reason and how she became the way she is now. Connections between people are slowly revealed as more of their backstory unravels with decent pacing and development throughout. My only complaint is that it felt a little rushed by the end, the conclusion not exactly satisfying. As a mystery manga, it did give a good conclusion to the mystery, and it was thrilling overall as a case. I just felt like there could’ve been a chapter or more focusing on the main character’s dynamic and relationship. I thought the art was very beautiful and I especially liked the fact that the MC used something like a sheep to express her real feelings (there is a reason why she hallucinates sheep). I recommend this manga if you like mystery, thriller, suspense, love triangle, bishounen and strong female leads.

Recommended by Skyzlue

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  1. Jatz says:

    Niceu work, Abby chan!

    I haven’t read or seen many love triangle works (outside School Days and White Album lel) so I should definitely check this out, plus it’s short, which makes it even better! 🙂

  2. SickeninglySweet says:

    I need to get in on this. Reading tonight. Thank you <3

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