Don’t Touch Me!


A girl comes back to her birthplace and she kisses a guy who she hasn’t seen for 7 years! And that guy happens to be the most popular guy in school! The guys and girls all love his looks! What trouble awaits her at school!?

Candy’s Rating: 7.5 – 8
Actually ended up as 8 – 9 by the end of me typing this review LOL

Candy’s Notes, jk, it’s a fangasm: This manwha was a fun read, like seriously. The author of it makes a note that she wants it to be an enjoyable one where the reader smile, meaning she’s not trying to make you cry or touch your heart, just smile, and omg if you don’t smile, you are souless! The crap they pull in this one is so funny! While I was reading it I was sending Avelys pics like very 3 pages cause some hilarious crap was happening. I really enjoyed that. One of the best things was how dense the male was. Yes, I normally hate that, but in this case it worked so well. Won is so attractive that people faint when they look at him, yet he covers his face because he thinks he’s funny looking/ugly, like that ongoing gag was hilarious. Yaoi route unlocked had me DYING! Like seriously, if you want a cute romance with a crap ton of laughter, read this one! The romance is actually really adorable because Mi Rang is so freaking forward. Literally 3 pages in and she kisses Won, but even that was done hilarious. I am still dying at the “rock for a birthday present” gag, like I can’t even with how much this manhwa made me laugh. Legit the only reason i didn’t give it a full 8 (it’s a 7 on MAL for me) is because the like last 3-4 chapters some random drama comes in and  gets resolved randomly,  then the manwha ends. It was really anticlimactic and felt really unnecessary. It felt like it tried to become serious out of nowhere while trying to maintain the comedy aspect of it. Unfortunately it didn’t mesh well for me and just made me feel a bit awkward about the whole ending. Ignoring that though, this baby is a gem! I found it by accident and I’m so happy I did. i would actually re-read certain parts again (I don’t re-read at all). SO that’s seriously saying something. Omg I’m praising it so much, it makes my score seem weird. I actually really was in love with this one as I read it….maybe I should up the score. Screw it, it’s an 8. Hell, I’d even give some parts a 9. The character, most of them, are EXTREMELY likable and entertaining and even though they may not add too much to the story, their existence increases the comedy value, which is GLORIOUS! if like certain characters didn’t exist, it would be that much better, but omg some characters had me DYING! Can we please, dear sweet mary Jane, talk about Won’s dad. His poor soul LOL, I cannot. The two pages he was in, SLAYEED ME, like I actually died laughing. The 4th wall….3rd wall…a wall is broken like ALL the time. Mirang mentions like all the time how she’s like the main character in a shoujo manga, and I just found that hilarious. I wish I did a summary on this one because I want to spam pictures so freaking hard. Anyway, I think I fangasmed enough over this one so simply, GO READ IT AND GIGGLE!  Avelys, go read this like yesterday, kthx <3

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I’m honestly super conflicted on what picture to use as the insert page sooo….I chose the first one I sent to Avelys




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  1. Avelys says:

    The screenshots you sent me were great! Can’t wait to read this. Love how you changed your score while writing the review x)

    • SickeninglySweet says:

      This crap was srsly hilarious man. Apparently the koala read it and was like, oh I get why you like her, you and the main are alike and I’m like…yup, pre much. Vain as F LOL

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