Hotaru no Hikari


27-year-old Hotaru would rather sleep at home than seek romance, but due to unforeseen circumstances, suddenly she’s living with her boss, Takano. What’s more is that she now has a budding relationship with Makoto, who’s younger than she is. Like a dried fish thrown back into the ocean, can she learn to swim again and rediscover the ways of romance?

Avelys Rating: 8.5/10

Avelys Notes: One of my favorite josei manga. I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard reading a manga before. The things the main character would say would crack me up, I loved it. She is a hard working office lady who comes home and becomes the laziest human being on the planet. After a few convenient circumstances, she’s living with her boss. Setting aside the questionable set up of the story, I think the dynamic between those two is exceptional. One of the funniest and wittiest duo. Their banter is out of control. There is a point in the manga that you’re wondering why such a grown up lady is going through certain relationship problems, but the manga is quick to point out that she never had much experience. It can get a little frustrating at times, especially when she has no idea how to have a relationship. But that’s where the hilarious commentary from her boss always come in.  He never fails to make me laugh, with his realistic outlook and perfectionist self. The total opposite of our female lead. I watched the J-drama and movie as well. The J-drama isn’t that exceptional. It’s worth it for the banter of the two leads (they’re really good actors, too). The drama is drawn out which can get annoying but it’s all worth it for their banter. The movie is dumb, but i’ll watch anything with those two. The manga is currently finished publishing but still ongoing scantalation. I highly recommend this manga if you want a good laugh and love josei.

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